Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Suit : OK Trooper Eric Roberts Raped a Woman During Traffic Stop

Eric Roberts OHP 
The lawsuit alleges Roberts pulled over the woman, who was driving with a friend near the Town West Shopping Center on the afternoon of July 22.
Roberts, according to the lawsuit, approached the car and detected the smell of marijuana, to which he reportedly told the woman, “You just made my day.”
Roberts, as alleged in the lawsuit, took the woman back to his patrol car, began asking her sexual questions and asked her if she had a phone that could access the Internet.
He then told the woman to return to her car and to tell her friend to go to a nearby motel by herself, according to the lawsuit, which the woman responded to “out of fear.”
He then allegedly told the woman to get in his patrol car, where he is accused of making her view a pornographic video on her phone and disrobe from the waist down, as he drove his car. The lawsuit states that the woman — who at this point had undressed as directed — was forced to hold her phone in such a way that Roberts could watch the video.
At this point, according to the lawsuit, Roberts parked his vehicle in a “secluded location in the area of Frankhoma Road,” which is in Creek County.
The lawsuit states Roberts then walked around to the woman’s side of the vehicle and began undressing himself. He allegedly told the woman to turn around and face the back seat of his vehicle. Roberts allegedly raped the woman and then poured two bottles of water — that he is alleged to have forced the woman to purchase after the traffic stop — on his “groin area.” The lawsuit alleges Roberts then cleaned himself off with a blue rag that had a “medicated smell.”
Roberts also is said to have discarded a condom used during the alleged rape. The lawsuit later says the woman’s attorney believes OHP investigators have recovered the condom.
Roberts then allegedly took the woman back to her vehicle, and left her, saying, “I’ll see you later.”


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