Friday, August 15, 2014

False Flag Warning: ISIS Dispatching Terrorists To The United States

False Flag Warning: ISIS Dispatching Terrorists To The United States Episode 441


  1. Iranian Intelligence sources have also
    confirmed the identity of the ISIS
    khalifah AKA Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi aka

    Shimon Eilot
    Real Name: Shimon Eilot
    Designation: Senior Mosad Agent
    Operational name: Ibrahim bin
    Awwad bin Ibrahim Al Badri Al Radawi
    Al Hussaini
    The Mission: penetrate the military,
    Intelligence and security
    infrastructure of the countries that
    form a security threat to Israel and
    destroy them in preparation for a full
    invasion and setting the groundwork
    for Greater Israel.
    The former employee at US National
    Security Agency )NSA(, Edward
    Snowden, has revealed that the
    British and American intelligence and
    the Mossad worked together to
    create the Islamic State of Iraq and
    Syria )ISIS(.
    Snowden said intelligence services of
    three countries created a terrorist
    organisation that is able to attract all
    extremists of the world to one place,
    using a strategy called “the hornet’s
    NSA documents refer to recent
    implementation of the hornet’s nest
    to protect the Zionist entity by
    creating religious and Islamic slogans.
    According to documents released by
    Snowden, “The only solution for the
    protection of the Jewish state “is to
    create an enemy near its borders”.
    Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and
    cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took
    intensive military training for a whole
    year in the hands of Mossad, besides
    courses in theology and the art of

    1. Mossad has been responsible for every "terrorist" attack on US soil. And with US/Israel relations at an all time low.. I think you are spot on. Expect a false flag soon.. and expect some Muslim to be blamed for it.