Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson Healing ? Peaceful streets last night as MSHP Capt Ron Johnson takes over

 Word went round that county deputies were being pulled off the job. MO Gov. Jay Nixon has given control of the scene MO Highway Patrol who were present today in STANDARD UNIFORMS, NO RIOT GEAR, NO GAS MASKS, not even batons.

ABSENT were the dancing glam-warriors in their camo spandex leotards. Absent were their armored vehicles and LRAD weapon.
Here's scene commander MSHP Capt Ron Johnson hanging out in a morning rally.

Here's Capt. Johnson briefing the crowd.

Here's something we have to see to believe. That's Capt. Ron Johnson WALKING WITH THE PROTESTERS. Somehow he's resisting the urge to fire weapons at them.

These are also cops. You almost wouldn't recognize them from the past few days of glam-dancers.

As a result, here's what the street scene looks like tonight. Notice the difference?

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