Thursday, August 14, 2014

"How can we feel like we can have free speech if there's guy staring down a sniper rifle as we speak?"

New York Times video journalist Brent McDonald traveled to Ferguson, Missouri this week to capture the protests surrounding the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a police officer last Saturday.

WATCH LIVE: Ferguson Continues to Protest Michael Brown Shooting

On Wednesday, the scene turned violent as heavily-armed SWAT teams clashed with the protesters, deploying tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke bombs to disperse the crowds. More than a dozen individuals, including The Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly, were reportedly arrested.

"That's what this is about. Intimidation," one protester told the Times. "Why can't we fix it and make a dialogue instead of that happening? Why don't they come and walk with us? ... We should all be mad, we should all be angry because of what's going on right now."

"How can we feel like we can have free speech if there's guy staring down a sniper rifle as we speak?" said another demonstrator.
Watch the video, courtesy of the New York Times, above.


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  1. Watch out America. They're baiting you into a race war.

    1. Blacks declared war on whites already, years ago.
      The 1 million interracial annual crimes, of which 90% are black ON White evidence this fact.
      Blacks hate whites because they are not white, they do not craete or have altruistic endeavors. They destroy. Its a black thang.

  2. Hope that doesn't work regarding the race war, because this is really a government vs: the people thing. The governments are terrified that so many are waking up to the truth, and the fact that governments only see their population as a resource to be used and abused. If the people can't be of benefit to the government, they are a liability that must be destroyed one way or another.

    I think they are really terrified of a world wide Bastille Day, and who knows? It can happen.

    The police are nothing but the extortion arm for the government. They're the biggest gang in existence, and they break more laws than anybody with no accountability. Quite a disgusting class, I'd say. I call 'em 'caged gerbil shooters' for all the animals they kill. Sometimes I call 'em 'doughnut grazing caged gerbil shooters'.

  3. I forgot! Rock on! This has got to be the best news BLOG on the internet.

  4. This isnt about speech, its about Black To School shopping deals and grabbing as much fre Gibmedats as the bruthas can..

  5. do I dare say the Hegelian dialectic is shifting.

    there is no sniper. because anyone with hair one between their legs and a brain in their head knows you don't SEE the snipers you HEAR them.

    NO sniper ever sat on top of a van in the middle of a street anywhere in the world unless they were a made for a TV movie sniper you pathetic GOY wake up and SEE!!

  6. Replacing a small town government with one which actually cares about the residents shouldn't be too hard. And if it proves too difficult, well, history has the answers...