Friday, August 8, 2014

In 1978


  1. At least in my case, it was true. In the summer of 1978 I had a part-time summer job that paid enough for tuition for both semesters at the University of Kansas. The next summer, I had a reporting internship at a newspaper out of state, and although the salary wasn't much, I had enough money after expenses to pay for tuition for the entire upcoming school year.

  2. I just could not make more money since 2000. no matter how hard I tried. The only time I made more money is when I went to war and become a contractor for the department of defence. I was never experienced for the job they hired me but paid me three time as much I ever earned annually.

    Maybe we just realized but US hasn't been the greatest country as we are thought and being advertized in the world community. I truly believe Woodrow Wilson comments in ruining the country and I truly believe it's been ruined since the 1913. After 100 years we are just staring to realize that not only we are no longer the great country on earth but we are bottle nick to the rest of the nations on earth for peace, tranquillity and forward thinking.