Friday, August 8, 2014

Nixon’s Vietnam War Treason Now Acknowledged

 A George Will column this week, reviewing a book by Ken Hughes called Chasing Shadows, mentions almost in passing that presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon secretly sabotaged peace talks that appeared likely to end the war on Vietnam until he intervened. As a result, the war raged on and Nixon won election promising to end the war.

Will treats the matter as a technicality, citing the law against private diplomacy rather than the principle that one shouldn’t undermine a government’s attempts to halt an episode of mass-murder.

You’d almost have to already know what Will was referring to if you were going to pick up on the fact that Nixon secretly prevented peace while publicly pretending he had a peace plan. And you’d have to be independently aware that once Nixon got elected, he continued the war for years, the total carnage coming to include the deaths of 4 million Vietnamese plus hundreds of thousands of Cambodians and Laotians, with the deaths from bombs not previously exploded continuing on a major scale to this day, and, of course, the 58,000 Americans killed in the war who are listed on a wall in D.C. as if somehow more worthy than all the others.

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  1. I guess the sacrificial offerings weren't enough at that point and Lucifer demanded 20,000 more of our fine American youth and about 20 million more fine Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian and allied citizens.

    Aren't you glad you take whatever the dark occultists say as gospel? Maybe it will be me and you next huh citizens? This way the dark occultists can have a perverted orgy in memory of us.