Friday, August 15, 2014

Robbery or Dispute? Purportedly Video Showing Mike Brown in Store - Ferguson police release convenience store surveillance video

WATCH LIVE: Ferguson Continues to Protest Michael Brown Shooting

Police say Michael Brown allegedly participated in a strong armed robbery at the store.


 - Is this really Mike Brown Robbing a Store? 

PICS to Compare

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 Ethan Allen You guys missed it!

Two angles right! Where is the camera covering the cash register and clerk!!!
I worked a gas station night shift years ago.We only had one camera trained on the register. You see the front door. You see one long side of the store clear to the back. You see 3 sides of the rectangle! Where is the register where they would be on tape making a purchase or not!
Where is that angle!!!

  Ferguson Shooting, Michael Brown


  1. We all know how peaceful these St Louis black rioters are.
    Thanks for that

    1. Stop scratching your ass while you post... it's affecting your better judgment. Start paying attention because there is a method to this madness and none of it is good for any of us.