Thursday, August 14, 2014

SWAT Raid House over Anonymous internet posting...Evansville Police VIDEO shows what REALLY Happened

Evansville woman sues police department after SWAT officers raid her home

- The city of Evansville is seeking a favorable judgment in a lawsuit brought by a local woman alleging the Evansville Police Department violated her constitutional rights when its SWAT team tossed flash grenades into her home and forced their way inside to serve a search warrant more than two years ago.

So they were the victim of 'Swatting'

After confiscating their computers and a cellphone, it was later determined that someone remotely accessed the home’s wireless Internet connection and the Milans were not involved.
Police noted at the time that the threats mentioned using guns and explosives.


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  1. The very idea of a SWAT team is an obscenity which only fascists can approve of.