Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Public Records Circus within the Albuquerque Police Department (Part I)

Sadly this is not only not an uncommon phenomena across the country but it is almost as if they are sharing the same unofficial “playbook.” In some instances their desperate attempts to cover up what they are doing as public servants are so absurd that few would believe the story to be true without the evidence.
Here begins the story of Albuquerque where I spent two weeks earlier this year at the height of the protests against the rash of officer-involved killings that sparked a United States Department of Justice investigation. This is a first in an ongoing series where I plan to continue making public records requests to determine what, if any, internal actions are taking place to curb the police violence as well as to educate the public on how they can make public records requests in their own states, including how to overcome the challenges you will likely come up against.

However, if there were an award for Public Records Clown, these city officials, from police, to the mayor, all the way to the district attorney, would be at the top of the list of nominees.

But this time – I have been gathering evidence.

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As I write this series, I will also be placing those records, among other evidence, here on the pages of PINAC. We eventually plan to create a special public records database where readers can submit their own documents from their own states to maintain these records online in what we are calling the Open Records Project, a project I started years ago before I ended up in a coma for making public records requests.

[NOTE: We are working to challenge these abuses in court and need to raise funds for the actions. 


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