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Cached version of deleted "Times of Israel" article that gloated over the racism in Ferguson.

Sunday, November 30, 2014 Kislev 8, 5775 12:21 am IST
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Nine Parallels between Palestine and Ferguson

November 28, 2014, 12:06 am
The rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, have much in common with the Palestinians. I have found nine parallels. Can you think of a tenth?
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  • Both have permanent, deep-set anger and rage and are looking for anything to set it off. Anger defines them, and anger keeps both mired in failure. Rather than make better choices they prefer to ride the “victim” train to nowhere. Both must have an “oppressor” to rage against; a white cop defending himself or an Israeli Jew wanting to pray on the Temple Mount serves their purposes. Rage is the only path they know to gain honor and prestige among their peers.
  • No one is born angry. Both were taught to be angry. Palestinians learn hate in their society, which idolizes murderers, and in their schools (including schools run by the UN under UNRWA) which teach them that every inch of Palestine is theirs from “the river to the sea.” American students, even those in prestigious universities (including fundamentally Jewish institutions like Brandeis) are taught that they live in a racist society under an oppressive, imperialist US government that has committed innumerable sins at home and abroad. They become enlightenment-besotted idealists that believe Rousseau’s nonsense that civilization is a corrupting evil and virtue belongs to the noble savage. The result of all this expensive education is the nihilistic anarchy we see in the streets of Ferguson.
  • Both wish to undermine the state’s moral authority by provoking violent reactions, then portraying themselves as victims of oppression. Destroy the state’s moral authority—then destroy the state. In the Gaza War civilians died as human shields or because Hamas did not allow them to have shelters. Hamas controlled the news so the world would see only dead civilians. The rioters in Ferguson  destroy as Utopian revolutionaries hoping to build some vague notion of a classless society. They believe they first have to burn down what is already there.
  • Emotion is the be all and end all; practical solutions are not sought or desired. Prior to the announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict the police officer, many good people in Ferguson reached out to the protest groups to let them know they were welcome to exercise their First Amendment rights. They pleaded with the protest leaders for peace and calm. It had no effect and the city burned anyway. Similarly, everyone knows that if the Palestinians cared about improving their lives they need only to make peace. A practical solution is of no interest to them.
  • Both have perfectly wretched leaders. Black leaders in America are con artists and a disgrace. They are a race-hustlers in a “business” fueled by anger. As long as blacks remain angry their “leaders” will continue to have a lucrative career. Similarly, the corrupt, undemocratic Palestinian leadership is equally unconcerned about the human aspirations of their own people.
  • Both have an abundance of people who will make excuses for them no matter what they do. Black problems in America have nothing to do with the conduct of the police. It has been shown that the greater the police presence in troubled areas, the fewer blacks are murdered. Their problems derive from the breakdown of family and unhealthy aspects of black culture. Addressing those issues is a discussion that is not taking place in “politically correct” America. Try it, and the cultural elite in America will brand you a racist in a New York Times minute. The Palestinians too have an amazing array of feel-good apologists who are ready at all times to make excuses for murder. Contrary to their self-important idealism, it does not hasten peace or an end to the conflict.
  • Both adhere to causes that are quixotic and hopeless. Do the 1% protesters really believe they can steal wealth rather than earn it, and that the country be better off? Actually, they do. Do Palestinians really believe that the Israelis will just hand over the keys to the high-rise office complexes, universities, research laboratories, farms and factories of Israel and leave? Actually, they do. Sadly, this will go on for a very long time.
  • Authorities in both places have their hands tied by their high standards of human rights and reverence for the rule of law. In an overabundance of caution, the governor of Missouri was reluctant to use force to stop the rioters. He asserted that they have a right to be there and make their voices heard. His high ideals were answered with Molotov Cocktails. Similarly, Israel’s IDF is the most careful, caring war fighting force the world has ever seen, even to the detriment of its own soldiers.
  • In both places, the innocent pay the price. The businesses destroyed in Ferguson belong to hard-working citizens who had nothing to do with the incident in which a policeman shot a robbery suspect in self-defense. The Palestinians are, tragically, far more bloodthirsty. They intentionally target civilians, even children. Their assertion that children are future IDF soldier is morally hideous.
Nevertheless, their apologists will always find an excuse. The question is when will we rage against the rage and speak up for truth and sanity?

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