Thursday, July 21, 2011

TVCatchup wins ground-breaking case against broadcasters

TVCatchup wins ground-breaking case against broadcasters

Posted by CodePHP on July 18th, 2011 - in Media a TV Streaming website for Free To Air channels in the UK, has won a ground-breaking case against broadcasters such as ITV and others.

TVCatchup is pleased to announce that the litigation brought against them by ITV and others has failed, and that TVC can continue without the constant interference of a handful of disgruntled broadcasters.
The London High Court today announced that the service provided by in the form of the live TV streaming of core UK channels (BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5) is perfectly lawful, and that users of the website can continue to enjoy access to streamed content without the need for aerials, satellite dishes, additional cabling, additional TV sets and so forth.
There are a few questions yet to be answered in respect of some of the less popular channels operated by such broadcasters, and these have been referred to the European Court of Justice for clarification. Whilst this is barely significant, it is a protracted process that will take some years and will not affect users of this website.
The resultant groundbreaking judgment follows nearly a year and a half of intense activity by TVC’s legal team, and it means that the site can now resume development of unique features enjoyed by a membership fast approaching 5 million registered users, unhindered by the constant distraction of those broadcasters unwilling or unable to match the quality, convenience and choice enjoyed by users of the site.
TVCatchup would like to thank the Hon Mr Justice Floyd, our legal team, our staff, our commercial partners and, of course, our valued members, for their support, friendship, patience, loyalty and encouragement throughout a period of uncertainty – a period in time that is now firmly behind us.
With the court case behind TVCatchup its optimistic for their future of the company being the only true IPTV service that is available in the UK on your PC, PS3, Xbox, iPhone, Android and many other devices.
Lots of free to air channels from BBC One, ITV,  Channel4, Five, E4, Film4, Dave, Fiver, BBC News, Sky News, cbeebies, 4music, Sky3, and even AlJazeera.
The only unfortunate thing for those like us on the outside not to be able to invest publicly as the value of this company has just raised trough the roof with this ruling.
In their announcement (above) they outline that they can now resume development of unique features, what these are can be left to the imagination after their previous incarnation and quality of service they currently deliver, all bets are off.

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