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Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning

 The new privacy policy is rolling out around the world on 1 March   Internet company Google has gone ahead with its new privacy policy d…
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Why east Europeans chose internet piracy

By Michael Winfrey PRAGUE | Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:44pm EST Reuters) - Vitezslav, a 31-year-old Czech, is one of many people in the European Un…
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F.T.C. Tells Consumer Watchdog to Mind Its Own Business

By SOMINI SENGUPTA  | February 18, 2012, 12:56 PM A consumer watchdog’s pleas to the Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize Google’s latest…
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Google admits tracking Safari users

Google admits tracking Safari users Google has come under attack for violating users' privacy and ignoring their wishes after admitting tha…
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Doomsday clock ticking on Internet freedom

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin They’re coming for…
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4 Feb 15
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Employees Recorded with a Governmental Trojan?

Skype Chats Between Megaupload Employees Recorded with a Governmental Trojan? February 3, 2012 Print Version Source: CNET News In one exch…
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1 Feb 3
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A list of 350+ businesses and organizations that support SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

  .   h/t MTCONE     PDF   More info:   Net Neutrali…
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Google Joins Twitter in Country-Specific Censorship

Google Joins Twitter in Country-Specific Censorship     Google announced three and 1/2 weeks ago that it would be redirecting blogger traff…
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New Drive-By Spam Infects Those Who Open Email -- No Attachment Needed

New Drive-By Spam Infects Those Who Open Email -- No Attachment Needed Aside from updating their anti-spam and anti-malware tools, users ca…
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James Φοίνιξ

FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

"Information posted to social media websites is publicly accessible and voluntarily generated. Thus the opportunity not to provide informat…
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What's Weak This Weak Episode 3 - February 22, 2012

What's Weak This Weak Episode 3 - February 22, 2012

A satirical look at what's weak in the news of the week.
LIVE: #F29 Shut Down The Corporations: Leap Into Action! Reclaim Our Future! -Occupy DC protesters arrested outside Monsanto

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

Washington: US park police detains a Christian religious activist during a pro-life demonstration in front of the White House in Washington on February 16, 2012. (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)
Washington: US park police detains a Christian religious activist during a pro-life demonstration in front of the White House in Washington on February 16, 2012. (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)

Just when you thought the government couldn’t ruin the First Amendment any further: The House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday that outlaws protests in instances where some government officials are nearby, whether or not you even know it.

The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 late Monday, a bill which is being dubbed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. In the bill, Congress officially makes it illegal to trespass on the grounds of the White House, which, on the surface, seems not just harmless and necessary, but somewhat shocking that such a rule isn’t already on the books. The wording in the bill, however, extends to allow the government to go after much more than tourists that transverse the wrought iron White House fence.

Under the act, the government is also given the power to bring charges against Americans engaged in political protest anywhere in the country.
Under current law, White House trespassers are prosecuted under a local ordinance, a Washington, DC legislation that can bring misdemeanor charges for anyone trying to get close to the president without authorization. Under H.R. 347, a federal law will formally be applied to such instances, but will also allow the government to bring charges to protesters, demonstrators and activists at political events and other outings across America.

The new legislation allows prosecutors to charge anyone who enters a building without permission or with the intent to disrupt a government function with a federal offense if Secret Service is on the scene, but the law stretches to include not just the president’s palatial Pennsylvania Avenue home. Under the law, any building or grounds where the president is visiting — even temporarily — is covered, as is any building or grounds “restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance."

It’s not just the president who would be spared from protesters, either.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OccupyInterview com - Radio E2 - With guest Brandon Turbeville :

Occupy and Tea Party Join Forces to
Defeat Unconstitutional NDAA

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Veterans For Ron Paul - March on D.C. and the White House on President's Day 2012

2012 Election RIGGED - This is going Viral - Evidence/Proof - 2012 Election Rigged Vote Fraud. Primary/Caucus/Maine....

Troops March on White House for Ron Paul - Ron Paul's consistently strong anti-war message is one that resonates wit...

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Strait partners: Iran and Oman to carry out joint naval exercises

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Fluoride is Toxic Waste (LITERALLY) - Great Fluoride water filters:

S. Korea and US to stage anti-sub drill in Yellow Sea:

Fluoride is Toxic Waste (LITERALLY):

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Occupy Wall Street Group Offers Detailed Critique of Volcker Rule

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Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican

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S. Korea and US to stage anti-sub drill in Yellow Sea - by Staff WritersSeoul (AFP) Feb 16, 2012 The US and South K...

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Jailed For One Year For Handing Out Leaflets! The case of Robert Green and Hollie Greig...

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Transcript & Audio - If you don't know what "they" think of us ... Aldous Huxley UC Berkeley Speech 1962 + Full Length Q&A Session

Aldous Huxley, author of ‘Brave New World’, gives his speech “The Ultimate Revolution”
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Aldous Huxley Narrates Brave New World

Aldous Huxley Narrates his eerily prophetic Brave New World Side One--Direct download,
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brave new world

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In His Last Days Aldous Huxley Warned Humanity - The Brave New World Mixed Up With 1984 Is Here Now

No MF Global customer cash in JPM account: trustee

(Reuters) - The trustee managing the assets of bankrupt MF Global Holdings Ltd said none of the roughly $26 million being used to fund the futures brokerage in Chapter 11 is part of a $1.6 billion shortfall in customer accounts.
In a report issued on Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, trustee Louis Freeh said the money, which was in one of MF Global's account at JPMorgan Chase & Co, does not contain money that should have been segregated for customers.
The scope of the report does not extend to whether customer money could have ended up with JPMorgan through other transactions, or transfers, or in other accounts with the bank.
JPMorgan is a key player in MF Global's bankruptcy because it served as the agent for a $1.3 billion loan as well as the clearing bank for some of its transactions. Some customers have speculated that a significant chunk of their missing money could be with JPMorgan.
The most vocal of those customers, James Koutoulas, said Freeh's report applies only to one account, something he says many customers may not understand.