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Watch Black Jesus Comedy - Created by Aaron McGruder (Boondocks) + Mike Clattenburg, (Trailer Park Boys) S01E01 - S01E08


Black Jesus Comedy -   Created by Aaron McGruder (Boondocks)  + Mike Clattenburg, (Trailer Pk Boys) 

Black Jesus (TV Series 2014– ) - IMDb

Black Jesus S01E01 -  S01E08

 Black Jesus is an American comedy series created by Aaron McGruder and Mike Clattenburg, that airs on Adult Swim.









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Friday, September 5, 2014

Maryland cop convicted of shooting man in back has bail revoked after attempting to attack Maryland prosecutors in court.

A former District Heights police officer found guilty of shooting a handcuffed and fleeing suspect was sent back to jail with his bond revoked after attempting to attack prosecutors in the courtroom Tuesday.
Johnnie Riley was supposed to be sentenced in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, but after he tried to attack prosecutors during his hearing the sentencing was postponed to Oct. 15. According to the state’s attorney’s office, several sheriff’s deputies had to subdue Riley and the courtroom was cleared. Riley had been out on bond ahead of his sentencing.

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New York pays $33k to men arrested and jailed by police for possession of Jolly Ranchers.

Olatunjiojo, 26, and Ferriera 23, were stopped by the cops shortly after leaving the It’Sugar candy emporium on Surf Ave. where they had purchased various sweet treats including Jolly Ranchers, according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Police Officers Jermaine Taylor and Jovanny Calderon handcuffed the men and claimed that an undercover colleague had observed them selling drugs, the court papers state.
PHIL WALTER/GETTY IMAGESPictured are two rocks of crystal meth.
“Finding only candy, including the Jolly Rancher candy mentioned, the officers repeatedly searched Ferreira and Olatunjiojo and told them it was ‘only a matter of time before they found something,’” the suit states.
Sano, 27, standing nearby with his 3-year-old daughter, protested the arrests of his two friends. Officer Diana Pichardo ordered Sano’s arrest and he was allegedly punched in the face by an unidentified cop before all three men were transported to the 60th Precinct station house.
Court documents filed in connection with the drug possession charges against Olatunjiojo and Ferriera asserted that the cops had performed a field test on the candy and it tested positive for a controlled substance. Sano was charged with obstructing government administration. They spent about 24 hours in custody before a judge released them on their own recognizance.

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Want to have a database that tracks Nationwide police killings in a non-partial way? It's here

Stumbled upon this website  the other day. This is a project that every one of us ought to be supporting
"First encounter
“The nation’s leading law enforcement agency [FBI] collects vast amounts of information on crime nationwide, but missing from this clearinghouse are statistics on where, how often, and under what circumstances police use deadly force. In fact, no one anywhere comprehensively tracks the most significant act police can do in the line of duty: take a life,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in its series Deadly Force (Nov. 28, 2011).
"This site is founded upon the premise that Americans should have the ability to track that act. This idea was conceived in the wake of the Oct. 6, 2012, killing of a naked, unarmed college student, Gil Collar, at the University of South Alabama. Media reports contained no context: How many people are killed by police in Alabama every year? How many in the United States?
"It turned out that Collar was on drugs, including marijuana and the hallucinogen 25-I. It also turned out the freshman never got within 5 feet of the officer, and the officer attempted no less-lethal methods to subdue Collar. On March 1, 2013, the policeman was cleared of wrongdoing.
"Fatal Encounters is intended to help create a database of all deaths through police interaction in the United States since Jan. 1, 2000. A large piece will be based on public information requests, but the bulk of it–the part that will make it sustain after the structure is built–will use crowdsourcing to update the database. To help, please go here to research and add data for an older incident; go here to add data for new incidents (but please do a last name search before you add a new incident).
"This site will remain as impartial and data-driven as possible, directed by the theory that Americans should be able to answer some simple questions about the use of deadly force by police: How many people are killed in interactions with law enforcement in the United States of America? Are they increasing? What do those people look like? Can policies and training be modified to have fewer officer-involved shootings and improve outcomes and safety for both officers and citizens?
D. Brian Burghart"

Ny Gop Picks Fight With The Wrong Libertarian, Gigi Bowman

September 5, 2014. Long Island. (ONN) From Ohio to Illinois to New York, Republicans are desperate to keep Libertarian Party candidates off the November election ballot. In Ohio, the GOP Governor hired a GOP law firm to kick two LP candidates off the ballot. In Illinois, the GOP hired armed thugs to go to the homes of Libertarian ballot access petition signers. And in New York, the GOP is suing Libertarian State Senate candidate Gigi Bowman in an attempt to keep her from challenging their incumbent.
Georgina ‘Gigi’ Bowman for NY State Senate
If your author had to choose his favorite political activist from any opposition party in any state in the country, it would be New York Libertarian Gigi Bowman. We’ve known Gigi for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze us with her passion, sincerity, optimism and level of grassroots activism. On Monday, you might find her at a card table on a random street corner handing out pamphlets.
On Tuesday, she may be challenging government officials, alone and outnumbered but undeterred inside a government agency office. And on another day, you’ll find her fighting for her rights, and yours, in front of a judge in a NY court room. If Gigi is as beloved and popular in her home district on Long Island as she is with fellow grassroots activists across the country, New York Republicans will regret the day they ever decided to go after Libertarian Gigi Bowman.

Autism Scandal: Tsunami of Anger is Brewing and About to Explode!

As we have previously reported, CNN so far is the only mainstream media (MSM) outlet to report on the CDC whistleblower story regarding CDC senior vaccine scientist Dr. William Thompson, who has come forward to confess that the CDC has withheld key information linking vaccines to autism. This is the one story the MSM does not want to cover, because they have repeated the CDC’s mantra for years now that there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism.
The CNN story that was published on their website reporting about Dr. Thompson marginalized the significance of his public statement, and did not report on the contents of his taped conversations with Dr. Brian Hooker, where he expressed deep sorrow for remaining silent all these years. (Click here: MSM Marginalizes CDC Whistleblower Story on Vaccine-Autism Cover-up) So far, other MSM outlets have not said much about this news, as it seems the story is still too “hot” for them to touch, as events continue to unfold.
The Federal Government is Paying for Damages due to Vaccines to Children with Autism
The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out damages to children with autism as a result of vaccines. Most people do not even know that the United States is the only country in the world where someone who is damaged by vaccines has no legal right to sue the vaccine manufacturer. In 1986, Congress passed a law preventing legal liability to vaccine damages, because the drug companies manufacturing vaccines blackmailed them, by threatening to stop manufacturing vaccines without legal protection. There were so many lawsuits resulting from vaccine injuries and deaths prior to this time, that it was no longer profitable for them to continue marketing vaccines without legal protection. So instead of Congress requiring that drug companies manufacture safer vaccines, they complied with the drug companies’ requests and passed legislation protecting the drug companies. In 2011 this law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Instead of suing drug companies now for damages due to vaccines, the public must file a petition with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which is funded by taxes on the revenues from vaccines. It is very difficult to sue the government and win a claim in this special vaccine court, and can take up to 10 years. So the 83 cases of autism that have already been awarded damages is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. (Here is the most recent published report of vaccine damages paid out.)

Dershowitz to Newsmax: Israelis Have Lost Trust in America Read Latest Breaking News from Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax that while he had a “generally positive” reaction to President Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday, he believes the Syrian crisis will have a negative effect on U.S. relations with Israel.

“I think the Israelis have basically lost trust in the Americans when it comes to Iran,” the famed attorney said in an exclusive interview following the president’s speech. “I think this increases the likelihood that Israel will have to go to it alone. What it says to the Israelis is that the president can’t declare red lines and can’t respond to the crossing of red lines.”

Urgent: Should U.S. Strike Syria? Vote Here 

Dershowitz, a Newsmax contributor, urged Congress to pass its own “red line” — not only in the case of Syria’s use of chemical weapons, but also with respect to the ongoing Iranian nuclear threat.

“If it turns out this is all a fake — and they’re just buying time — the president then gets the authority to strike at any time he and the military feel it’s essential [in Syria],” Dershowitz explained. “And the same must now be true with Iran. Congress must establish a red line — the Iranians getting close to having nuclear weapons —and the president has to be authorized to decide when — and how — to respond to that red line.”

He said Congress rarely authorizes military action on its own “when it doesn’t directly involve the United States” or in the absence of a clear timeframe to act.

“I think a lot of Israelis are today thinking — as many have thought in the past — that they can’t outsource the defense of their own people, that they have to make their own decisions, make their own judgments and take their own actions as they did when they destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 and various Syrian reactors more recently,” Dershowitz asserted.

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Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

“9/11 Truth” and the Failure of the Academic Community to Explore the Events

“9/11 Truth” and the Failure of the Academic Community to Explore the Events of September 11, 2001

Academia's Treatment of Critical Perspectives on 9/11 – Documentary

(Produced and directed by Adnan Zuberi1)
As the academic year begins, and the 13th anniversary of 9/11 draws near, it seems timely to review this eye-opening documentary about the failure of academia to explore the evidence about the events of September 11. Indeed, there are literally dozens of peer-reviewed science articles challenging the American government narrative about 9/11 that academics simply do not talk about.  These articles stand published in the science literature – for the most part unreported, unexamined, and unrefuted. 
I.                  9/11 Academic Failure in the Context of Traditional Scientific Publishing
In view of the magnitude of the 9/11 tragedy, and the persistent public doubts about its cause,[1] the scientific academy has been eerily silent.[2]  Although many studies questioning the official account have been published in peer-reviewed science and engineering journals,[3] they have not generated debate in the literature, or reports in the media. This is virtually unprecedented, for new scientific research always stimulates a trail of discussion – be it through letters, rebuttals, or further studies.
Two examples of peer-reviewed articles that should have made sensational headlines and stimulated major academic discussion simply faded into obscurity:
  1. An article published in the Journal of Business was reported by econometrician Dr. Paul Zarembka as showing a 99% statistical probability that high-volume insider trading occurred with American Airlines and United Airlines stocks in the days before 9/11;[4]
  2. A nine-author article published in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal (2009) reported that unreacted nanothermite, which can be tailored to behave as an incendiary (like ordinary thermite), or as an explosive, was found in four independently collected samples of the World Trade Center dust.[5] Nanothermite is a high-tech substance not found in nature, yet there has been no published research follow-up to this landmark article’s astonishing conclusions.
In short, the subject has been untouchable.
II.               Glaring Anomalies in the Government Narrative That Should Have Aroused Academic Concern
This documentary interviews a group of ten current and former Canadian and American university professors[6] about eye-opening contradictions in the official account.
Some of these include:
  1. Ground Zero was the biggest crime scene in US history, yet the telltale steel girders were quickly trucked away before forensic examination could take place.
  2. Originally there was to be no investigation, and only following intense political pressure from the families was an investigation mounted in 2003.
  3. Paradoxically, the 9/11 Commission Report (2004) stated that its purpose was “to provide the fullest possible account of the events,” but “not to assign individual blame.”[7]
  4. Nonetheless the Report accused al Qaeda of responsibility, basing 25% of its supporting footnotes on torture testimony, and providing no spokespersons to represent the accused.
  5. The Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow – a White House insider – framed the Report’s narrative in advance by providing an outline to the findings before the investigation had begun.
  6. The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) conclusions regarding the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC7 were based on simplified models that defied Newtonian physics and were in conflict with direct observations.
  7. After seven years of study, NIST granted that free-fall acceleration had taken place in 47-story steel-framed WTC Building 7, which was not hit by an airplane – but could only cite office fires to explain this unprecedented event.
III.           Cultural Pressures to Delegitimize Inquiry into 9/11
How could these extraordinary anomalies have been ignored and overlooked by the academic community? The term “conspiracy theory” was first introduced into common use by the CIA following the publication of the Warren Commission report on the assassination of JFK, when “a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46% of the American public did not think that Oswald acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the Commission had left some questions unresolved.” The document, released following a FOIA request in 1976, outlined the CIA’s concern regarding “the whole reputation of the American government.”[8] The term “conspiracy theory,” which had formerly held neutral connotations, began to acquire a derogatory sense that identified certain topics as off limits to inquiry or debate. It has even been referred to as a “weaponized term.”[9]
One of the professors in the film referred to “the spiral of silence,” and another to “thought stoppers” – such as the charge of “conspiracy theory.” A third referred to 9/11 as “one government story that’s untouchable.” Another said that raising the subject in academic circles is somehow forbidden, unmentionable – that it sullies and profanes a person to bring it up.  Sometimes persons who raise it are themselves attacked. Indeed a number of professors who persevered with research were vilified, harassed, and even dismissed for attempting work in this area.
IV.           The Fallout from 9/11:
Although 9/11 itself has seldom been questioned within the academy, its implications and fallout have been permissible fields of study, and include:
  1. The perpetual, ubiquitous “global war on terror,” starting with the 2001 occupation of Afghanistan, and the loss of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives;
  2. The 2003 occupation of Iraq (believed by many soldiers to have been justified by 9/11), with the further loss of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives;
  3. The ongoing military involvement in Middle East countries such as Libya and Syria;
  4. The fear and mistrust of Muslims caused by the Saudi identities of the alleged hijackers – which has undermined any possibility of global harmony and unification;
  5. The suspension of US constitutional guarantees such as Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus (forbidding US army intervention in state and municipal affairs since 1878);
  6. The introduction of electronic surveillance in violation of the US Fourth Amendment (1789) – confirmed in 1967 as applying to electronic surveillance as a violation of  “the reasonable expectation of privacy”;
  7. Inconvenience and congestion in air travel worldwide.
It is uncanny that in spite of these horrific impacts, the academic community has remained silent about the trigger event itself – barring a few courageous professors who have researched the glaring incongruities of 9/11 and the subsequent violations of international law. As mentioned above, these people have met with derision, discipline, and even dismissal.In summary:  30-40% of the population suspects that 9/11 was a false flag operation, constituting a state crime against democracy. Rather than exploring the evidence that is visible in plain sight, most of the academy simply looked the other way. One can only hope that the academy will reverse its position and work to remove the long shadow it has helped to cast over 21st century human civilization.
V.               Addendum: Success of the Documentary Since its Release in late 2013
A winner at the University of Toronto Film Festival, “9/11 in the Academic Community” has been widely hailed as essential viewing:
Lance deHaven-Smith, Florida State University Professor of Public Policy, writes:
“This documentary confronts the academy’s uncritical response to the defining event of our times.”
Morton Brussel, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has stated:
“The main thesis of the film concerns the silence of the academic community on this vital issue. I think it is extremely important and very well produced.”
Prof. Kenneth Westhues, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology and Legal Studies, University of Waterloo, and a Member, Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, has written,
“Canadian academic historian Michiel Horn has observed that as a rule, professors are milquetoasts. Here is documentary proof of Horn’s observation, on the subject of this century’s first great day of infamy. This film also documents exceptions to Horn’s rule: professors with guts enough to raise critical questions. Highly recommended, especially for provoking reasoned political discussion and debate.”
Paul Almond, Officer of the Order of Canada, and Award Winning Former Director of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC):
“People can benefit from learning about the event which clearly changed not only American consciousness, but that of the whole world. I believe this documentary should be shown as widely as possible.”
Dr. Roger W. Bowen, General Secretary of the American Association of University Professors, and Professor of Political Science and President of the State University of New York at New Paltz:
“Academic freedom protects scholars who report inconvenient truths from the uninformed, but, as Adnan Zuberi reminds us, academic freedom is also the responsibility of scholars to pursue the truth.”
Friedrich Steinhäusler, Professor of Physics at Salzburg University, Former Co-Director of the NATO ARW on Catastrophic Terrorism, and Past Chairman, US/German Transatlantic Expert Group on Terrorism:
“I hope that this material will be made available to the wider international academic community in order to foster a wider, fact-based discussion among researchers and students alike.”
Alvin A. Lee, President Emeritus, McMaster University:
“Whatever else is done by the men and women who work in our universities, it is essential, I believe, that large numbers of them stand sufficiently outside society intellectually to see, understand, and interpret what is going on. I find it troubling that so few—there are credible exceptions—have seriously engaged with the question of what actually happened on 9/11 and why. There are so many holes and limitations in the official version that it calls out for rigorous intellectual fact-finding and analysis.”
This film reveals a new pathology that infests our society, in which it is taboo for even academics to pursue politically disturbing truths.  Let us hope that the film will continue to open the way for more open discourse on 9/11, and the overwhelming body of research that contradicts the official narrative.
[1] A Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll showed in 2006 that “more than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East.” “Third of Americans suspect 9-11 government conspiracy,” Thomas Hargrove, August 8, 2006 (
[2] A “9/11 Research Guide” from Florida International University lists only government reports, film and media, and fictional resources.
[3] The following articles are peer-reviewed journal papers that address issues surrounding the day of 9/11/2001 from a critical perspective. Academics are encouraged to take an interest in 9/11 research. (  See also: The 9/11 Consensus Panel, “Evidence-Based Literature Sources Opposing The Official Story of September 11” (
[4] Allen M. Poteshman, “Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001,” Journal of Business, 79 (2006): 1703-26. Two subsequent financial articles provided further evidence of insider trading, but these econometric investigations have not been challenged in any professional or governmental responses.  (
[5] Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, and Bradley R. Larsen, “Active Thermitic Material Observed in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,” The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2: 7-31 (
[6] Dr. David MacGregor, Prof. Sociology, Univ. Western Ontario; Dr. Michael Truscello, Asst. Prof. English, Mt. Royal Univ., Dr. Graeme MacQueen, Prof. Emeritus Religious Studies, McMaster Univ., Dr. Richard Lee, Prof. Emeritus Anthropology, Univ. of Toronto; Dr. John McMurtry, Prof. Emeritus Phil. at Guelph Univ., Dr. Walter Pitman, Former President of Ryerson Univ. and Order of Canada; Dr. Omar M. Ramahi, Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univ. of Waterloo; Dr. Paul Zarembka, Prof. Economics, SUNY, Buffalo; Dr. Robert Korol, Prof. Emeritus Civil Engineering, McMaster Univ., Dr. Lynn Margulis (1938-2011) was a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts. More information at: (
[7] The 9/11 Commission Report, 2004, p. xvi (
[8] CIA, “Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report,” CIA Document #1035-960  (
[9] “’Conspiracy Theory,’ Foundations of a Weaponized Term,” James F. Tracy,Global Research, January 22, 2013 (


Featured photo - The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations
Throughout the last year, the U.S. government has repeatedly insisted that it does not engage in economic and industrial espionage, in an effort to distinguish its own spying from China’s infiltrations of Google, Nortel, and other corporate targets. So critical is this denial to the U.S. government that last August, an NSA spokesperson emailed The Washington Post to say (emphasis in original): “The department does ***not*** engage in economic espionage in any domain, including cyber.”
After that categorical statement to the Post, the NSA was caught spying on plainly financial targets such as the Brazilian oil giant Petrobraseconomic summitsinternational credit card and banking systems; the EU antitrust commissioner investigating Google, Microsoft, and Intel; and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. In response, the U.S. modified its denial to acknowledge that it does engage in economic spying, but unlike China, the spying is never done to benefit American corporations.
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, for instance, responded to the Petrobras revelations by claiming: “It is not a secret that the Intelligence Community collects information about economic and financial matters…. What we do not do, as we have said many times, is use our foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of—or give intelligence we collect to—U.S. companies to enhance their international competitiveness or increase their bottom line.”
But a secret 2009 report issued by Clapper’s own office explicitly contemplates doing exactly that. The document, the 2009 Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review—provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—is a fascinating window into the mindset of America’s spies as they identify future threats to the U.S. and lay out the actions the U.S. intelligence community should take in response. It anticipates a series of potential scenarios the U.S. may face in 2025, from a “China/Russia/India/Iran centered bloc [that] challenges U.S. supremacy” to a world in which “identity-based groups supplant nation-states,” and games out how the U.S. intelligence community should operate in those alternative futures—the idea being to assess “the most challenging issues [the U.S.] could face beyond the standard planning cycle.”
One of the principal threats raised in the report is a scenario “in which the United States’ technological and innovative edge slips”— in particular, “that the technological capacity of foreign multinational corporations could outstrip that of U.S. corporations.” Such a development, the report says “could put the United States at a growing—and potentially permanent—disadvantage in crucial areas such as energy, nanotechnology, medicine, and information technology.”
How could U.S. intelligence agencies solve that problem? The report recommends “a multi-pronged, systematic effort to gather open source and proprietary information through overt means, clandestine penetration (through physical and cyber means), and counterintelligence” (emphasis added). In particular, the DNI’s report envisions “cyber operations” to penetrate “covert centers of innovation” such as R&D facilities.
In a graphic describing an “illustrative example,” the report heralds “technology acquisition by all means.” Some of the planning relates to foreign superiority in surveillance technology, but other parts are explicitly concerned with using cyber-espionage to bolster the competitive advantage of U.S. corporations. The report thus envisions a scenario in which companies from India and Russia work together to develop technological innovation, and the U.S. intelligence community then “conducts cyber operations” against “research facilities” in those countries, acquires their proprietary data, and then “assesses whether and how its findings would be useful to U.S. industry” (click on image to enlarge):
The document doesn’t describe any previous industrial espionage, 


Stephen Colbert takes aim at calling for new war in the Middle East

attribution: Comedy Central
You'd think the warmongers would have learned from their mistakes in Iraq ... but learning is hard. Last night, Stephen took aim at the right-wingers calling on President Obama to launch all-out war to stop ISIS.
Full videos after the jump.

He even brought on President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey from House of Cards) to give some advice to President Obama.

Stephen also took on airlines' ever-shrinking coach space.