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1:18am UK, Tuesday August 09, 2011

London Burns As Rioters And Looters Run Amok

Sporadic violence has broken out in several parts of London as shops were looted and police were attacked in a third day of civil disorder - and there was also unrest in Birmingham.

There have been disturbances in Hackney in east London, as well as Lewisham, Peckham, Croydon and Clapham Junction in the south, and Ealing in the west. Trouble was also reported in Camden in north London.
More than 1,700 extra police officers were deployed across the capital overnight as violent scenes broke out.
Scotland Yard said the unrest was "simply inexcusable" as they announced they had arrested 225 people and charged 36 people over the escalating riots.
Police in Croydon are investigating a "non-fatal" shooting.
Officers have ordered all London football clubs to call off matches as disorder spreads.
In Ealing, gangs of youths started fires in the street and vandalised shops, according to eyewitnesses.
The trouble flared near Ealing Broadway tube station with groups of around 30 masked rioters congregating on Haven Green.
Clapham Junction also fell victim to rioting, with rows of shops on Lavender Hill attacked.

Sky reporter: 'I cannot see one policeman'

Sky reporter Mark Stone filmed stores being damaged and said he could not see any police officers.
He said people smashed the windows of a Ladbrokes bookmakers, a Wimpey fast food restaurant and a hairdressers.
He said: "I cannot see one policeman at all. They are dealing with problems elsewhere.
"This is quite extraordinary. Every shop they can find they are looting."
Prime Minister David Cameron is to return to London overnight in the wake of the unrest and will chair a meeting of the Government's emergency committee Cobra on Tuesday.
And Britain's most senior police officer has called on parents to contact their children as he urged the public to clear London's streets.
Acting Scotland Yard Commissioner Tim Godwin criticised another wave of "gratuitous" violence as he appealed directly to families to help officers bring the situation under control.
He said: "I do urge now that parents start contacting their children and asking where their children are.
"There are far too many spectators who are getting in the way of the police operation to tackle criminal thuggery and burglary."
In Hackney, shops were attacked, and there were skirmishes as youths threw objects including chairs and pieces of wood at officers in riot gear.
Cars and bins were set alight, and contents from the bins were used as missiles by the offenders.

Top Officer Urges Public To Clear London's Streets

At one point, several people broke into the back of a stationary lorry.
They pulled its contents out onto the road, and some hurled it at police, while others used it to smash windows of a parked bus.
Pictures from Sky's helicopter showed a police line, running at youths trying to disperse them from the main shopping area.
The trouble was reportedly prompted by a stop and search incident earlier in the day.
Croydon building on fire
Flames rip through a large building in Croydon
Sky's Jane Dougall in Hackney said: "The tensions here are still simmering. It's pretty tense.
"There has been a stand-off with police and the rioters since about 5pm and it seems to be escalating."
Police have also come under attack from youths in Lewisham town centre, with petrol bombs being thrown at officers. Shops have been damaged and looted.
Map of the areas affected by the London riots - Peckham, Hackney, Lewisham, Clapham Junction
Areas of London hit in the latest unrest
Sky's Mark White in Lewisham said: "There are groups who are involved in sporadic violence around this area and other areas of London.
"Then at a moment's notice they up-sticks and head somewhere completely different.
"It's a very difficult job for the police to try to respond to that and get resources in place to stop premises being looted."
There were also reports that no buses were going to Lewisham or Peckham due to the civil unrest, and a bus was set on fire in Peckham.
Bus was set on fire in Peckham (Pic: Fahad Abbasi)
Bus was set on fire in Peckham (Pic: Fahad Abbasi)
And several buildings were on fire in Croydon, including a family business that had been in the town for 100 years which was completely destroyed.
The Reeves furniture shop was engulfed with flames, with nearby homes evacuated.
In Birmingham, several premises were attacked, shop windows smashed and property stolen in various locations. West Midlands Police said officers had made a number of arrests.
Phone shop attacked in Birmingham
A phone shop was attacked in Birmingham
Police patrols were being stepped up across the capital to try to prevent further unrest after rioting and looting in several parts of London over the weekend.
Many officers have voluntarily abandoned scheduled leave to help deal with the situation, said the Metropolitan Police.
Sky's Martin Brunt said 300 officers from outside the Met were being brought in to assist the force as its tries to tackle the unrest.
Brunt also said the Met has admitted having to use under-trained riot police to cope with the violence.
This is because annual two-day training courses have been suspended for Met riot officers to deal with the demand for resources.
A car is torched amid riots and violence in Hackney, north London.
A car is set on fire in Hackney, east London
Home Secretary Theresa May, who cut short her holiday to meet senior officers over the disorder, has called the violence "totally unacceptable".
The Home Office had stressed she has been in constant touch with the Met about the rioting.
Ms May condemned the riots that have blighted the capital for three days as "sheer criminality".
She said: "Those responsible for this violence and looting will be made to face the consequences of their actions."
The violence began on Saturday night in Tottenham, where officers were attacked, and two police cars and a bus were set on fire as well as buildings.
The unrest was said to have been sparked by the police shooting of local man Mark Duggan on Thursday.
The shooting is being investigated by the police watchdog and the rioting occurred after a peaceful protest was held in response to Mr Duggan's death.
Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan was shot dead by police
There then followed a second night of violence in other parts of the capital, including Enfield near Tottenham, and Brixton in south London.
In Brixton, Currys and Halfords were both targeted and numerous people were seen carrying away looted goods, including boxed television sets.
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Nick Clegg has defended the Government's handling of the riots in London and described the violence as "needless and opportunist".
The Deputy Prime Minister added that the trouble on Sunday night had nothing to do with the death of Mr Duggan.
Police described the spreading disorder as "copycat criminal activity".

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