Monday, June 10, 2013

DHS computer project called FAST wants to read your mind.

DHS employees have already served as test subjects in FAST trial runs in which sensors collected “video images, audio recordings and psychophysiological measurements,” among other unidentified evaluations, in order to get into the minds of potential terrorists.

To CNET, DHS Deputy Press Secretary Peter Boogaard says FAST is designed to track and monitor body movements, voice pitch changes, fluctuations in rhythm and intonation, eye movement, body heat changes and breathing patterns in order to gather research that could help pin-point the inner workings of wrong-doers. Boogard says that preliminary research has already been conducted and that the DHS has used technological sensors and observational techniques to signal out signs of stress “associated with intent to do harm.”

The DHS says that they do not intend on deploying FAST program on the public anytime soon, but should they chose to, that means that your every move — inside and out — could be recorded to keep America safe . . . one blink at a time.

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