Friday, September 5, 2014

Ny Gop Picks Fight With The Wrong Libertarian, Gigi Bowman

September 5, 2014. Long Island. (ONN) From Ohio to Illinois to New York, Republicans are desperate to keep Libertarian Party candidates off the November election ballot. In Ohio, the GOP Governor hired a GOP law firm to kick two LP candidates off the ballot. In Illinois, the GOP hired armed thugs to go to the homes of Libertarian ballot access petition signers. And in New York, the GOP is suing Libertarian State Senate candidate Gigi Bowman in an attempt to keep her from challenging their incumbent.
Georgina ‘Gigi’ Bowman for NY State Senate
If your author had to choose his favorite political activist from any opposition party in any state in the country, it would be New York Libertarian Gigi Bowman. We’ve known Gigi for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze us with her passion, sincerity, optimism and level of grassroots activism. On Monday, you might find her at a card table on a random street corner handing out pamphlets.
On Tuesday, she may be challenging government officials, alone and outnumbered but undeterred inside a government agency office. And on another day, you’ll find her fighting for her rights, and yours, in front of a judge in a NY court room. If Gigi is as beloved and popular in her home district on Long Island as she is with fellow grassroots activists across the country, New York Republicans will regret the day they ever decided to go after Libertarian Gigi Bowman.

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