Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch Testifies Ex-Girlfriend Is Trained Assassin Of Drug Lords

Kurt Busch: Ex was trained killer
ESPN - 11 mins ago
... attorney, Rusty Hardin, questioned why he still believed Patricia Driscoll is a hired killer.Musician: Kurt Busch's ex-girlfriend was out for revenge
Busch and his attorney, Rusty Hardin, have staunchly denied the accusations and cast Driscoll, who runs the Armed Forces Foundation and her own defense company, as a jilted lover who wants to destroy Busch’s reputation. They have argued that Driscoll, who Busch claimed is a trained assassin deployed on many missions, was never physically abused.
“I’m just glad that the truth got told and that we’ll wait on the commissioner’s decision,” Busch told reporters outside of Kent County Family Court on Tuesday.
Driscoll’s alleged background as a trained assassin who had experience killing drug lords via long-range sniper rifles and close combat tactics – including the use of knives and poison – became a major talking point during the latter stages of the hearing.

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