Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Barf bag please: Rand to tout George H.W. foreign policy in fall speech

CNN: Politico’s Mike Allen shared important reporting about an effort by Rand Paul to address what is perhaps his most significant obstacle as he pursues the 2016 GOP presidential nomination: the isolationist label.
The freshman Kentucky senator has long complained it’s an unfair knock, and an unfair “guilt by association” situation with his father, former Rep. Ron Paul.
But Mike says the senator is planning a high-profile pitch at the National Defense University this fall to address his critics, and attempt to reposition himself on the foreign policy spectrum.
“He’s going to argue that he’s smack in the middle - the same place that George H.W. Bush was, that Reagan was, and that Ike was,” said Allen.
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  1. We can expect nothing less from Rand Paul, or any other aspiring politician in these times.

    Backing Bush's warmongering policy towards Iraq pleases the Zionists in Israel, as they want to continue to use our blood and treasure to achieve their hegemonic goals in the Middle East.

    If you kowtow to Israel, you are allowed to have a chance at higher office. If you do not do so, they will use their considerable influence to crush you, while fully backing your opponent, both financially and with clever propaganda issued through their controlled media outlets.

    We can vote for whomever we desire, but in reality the choices presented to us will be candidates that has been predetermined to fully pass the "kosher" test.

    The only "vote" available to us that can make a meaningful difference is aggressive use of firebrands and pitchforks, just as our Declaration of Independence specified.