Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul Interview With Cnn's Wolf Blitzer 08\18\ 2011


  1. I notice Dr. Paul has slowed his speech. I've heard it said (and years ago I used to think it) that his franetic and near hysterical speaking speed was off-putting and turned people off, even though he was speaking the truth. He used to sound like a crazy, wild-minded grandpa. If he's taken advice to slow down, and this is his new delivery style, this man will be unstoppable. Hats off to any advisor, or to him, if they/he figured it out. It might make all the difference.

  2. Funny that as Anna has so astutely observed, Dr. Paul has really never said anything you could construe as untrue or incorrect, however the manner in which he said it causes people not to like him, or not to trust him.

    How many of us have looked back and said "Well, you know, wild-minded grandpa was absolutely right, I wish I'd listened to him more!"

    Although personally, being used to relatively fast, shrill, educators talking, it didn't get in the way of his message for me, it's a shame that the delivery rather than the message might get in the way for others.