Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Youtube Truther Dahboo7 Claims PC Remotely Hacked


  1. Go vimeo, truetube, trutube, or whatever. Rock on. Wish we could help you, but the money's running out, and we're on borrowed time. We're gonna win in the end, though we may not be here to see it. Most won't. But it doesn't matter, 'cause if we're not here, we're somewhere else, and the rules are completely different. (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

  2. Checked out one of the files I dragged over to my blog on rumormillnews. It's imbedded, and it's still there.

    rumormillnews hotlink

    They may have gotten you personally, but it looks like quite a bit of your stuff is still out there. Probably on whatreallyhappened.com, rense.com, and Hell knows how many other alternative sites.

    I guess that deserves another MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!