Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Canadian Crack Head Mayor Rob Ford says threatening email has given him 12 hours to resign or Toronto City Hall will be blown up

Mayor Ford read reporters the email outside of his office shortly before 2 p.m. and called the threat “very serious” but also continued on with “business as usual.”

City hall was never evacuated and by dinner time, police gave the all clear.
“We don’t believe there is any evidence to support any danger to the public or to any elected official,” said Toronto police Inspector Frank Barredo.

Mayor Ford commended police on a “fantastic job” as he left city hall. “All I can say is there was no bombs in my office, my brother’s office, or the deputy mayor’s office,” he said.

Earlier, he told reporters he was acting on his own advice to “keep people aware” by disclosing the threat. He showed the media the alleged email, but it did not include a header or subject line.


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