Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson chief: Officer didn't know about robbery

  1. KSDK ‎- by Kevin Held ‎- 8 minutes ago
    The police officer that stopped and eventuallyshot and killed an 18-year-old last ... Kevin S. Held, KSDK 4:23 p.m. CDT August 15, 2014 ... Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was suspected of taking a $48.99 box of cigars from the store in ... Brown was shot and killed August 9 while walking back to his grandmother's house.


  1. The title of the post is not proven in the article. No foundation for the title. It is misleading.

  2. ... Rather than 'suspected of stealing a $48 box of cigars' don't you mean 'filmed grabbing the store clerk whose half his size by the throat during the felony strong arm robbery of a $48 box of cigars.'

    Funny how this punk and little Trayvon both turned out to have been violent thugs who bear much of the blame for their own deaths, while the black community makes them out to be some sort of victim.