Monday, August 11, 2014

Gaza Violence Has Big-Name Acts Cancelling Israel Concerts In Droves

Big name artists have been cancelling their shows and pulling out of festivals in Israel in droves ever since the violence between the Middle Eastern country and Palestine escalated in mid June. While numbers vary and are tough to confirm, promoters on the ground estimate that all told, cancellations have cost the local industry upwards of $20 million.
The cancellations are widespread, with artists from every genre and those that play to every demographic not being able to perform for one reason or another. Bands like the Backstreet Boys, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Cee-Lo Green, Brian Jonestown Massacre, America, Megadeth, Kansas, and even Cirque Du Soleil have all postponed or cancelled their shows, costing promoters and venues millions in unrecoverable revenue.



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