Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ohio gubernatorial nominee FitzGerald, Former FBI, Current Cleveland Leader, Drove Gov Vehicles For 10 yrs With NO License!


Things erupted for FitzGerald on Aug. 1 when stories surfaced about him and Joanne Grehan of Ireland being in his car in a Westlake, Ohio, parking lot at 4:30 one morning in October 2012. FitzGerald and Grehan both said that nothing untoward happened in the car, and Westlake police said the two were just talking when officers arrived.

But on Monday, The Dispatch reported that FitzGerald held only a temporary driving permit that morning — and broke the law when he drove himself home after dropping Grehan off at her hotel — and that FitzGerald hadn’t had a full driver’s license for at least five years. On Tuesday, The Dispatch and other outlets reported that FitzGerald didn’t carry a full driver’s license for 10 years.

FitzGerald apologized immediately for the driver’s-license flap but hasn’t fully explained how a former FBI agent and assistant county prosecutor could wind up in that situation. Other questions remain. FitzGerald was mayor of Lakewood, Ohio, and is currently the Cuyahoga County executive, and while holding those offices there were times when he held a temporary permit and others when he didn’t even have that, yet drove city and county vehicles.

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