Saturday, August 9, 2014

Near Riot Ensues After Ferguson, MO Police Kill Unarmed Teen*400/Still0809_00026.bmp

– Multiple police agencies were called to Ferguson, Missouri Saturday afternoon after a fatal officer-involved shooting, sparking outrage among hundreds of residents. News 4's Cory Stark, who is on the scene, said he saw a man lying dead on Coppercreek Road. Police confirm there was an officer-involved shooting, near the Canfield Green Apartments. A large section of West Florissant Avenue was closed by police at Canfield Drive.

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 Crowd of hundreds yell "Kill the Police" after unarmed teen fatally shot

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  1. Unfortuately, in the very near future, when the police pull this BS and the people come after them, even the 'middle class" citizens won't lift a finger to save them. AND STOP ALLOWING OUR POLICE TO BE TRAINED BY THE MOSSAD through their instrument in the U.S. (Dept. Homeland Security).