Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bernanke Gets Hammered, Tells Truth About US Economy:

What Makes a Police State? How do you know your country is no longer free?

Miami-Dade bills $22,000 for a public records request. Avg cost for similar requests? Free to $17.

F ree c ell ph ones are now a right for the poor in Pennsylvania

China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing After Debt Ceiling Agreement

Obama Policies Killing U.S.! The 4 Scariest Economic Graphs I've Seen This Year - The Atlantic:

Obama Regime Wants Changes to Arms Export Licensing Process... To Export More Arms

Scare: Job cuts surge 60% to 16-month high

Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve

Radioactive fish found in Connecticut River — State officials trying to determine source

Police called criminals as Katrina trial closes

NSA is looking for a few good hackers

Florida on hurricane alert as tropical storm Emily is gaining power

The Debt Ceiling Deal From Hell

The US Dictatorship and its White House Servant ‘President’

Sheriff's deputies Tasered a Vet 16 times and sprayed him with 4 cans of pepper spray

Federal court rules human genes can be patented

Paul Craig Roberts: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Checking out "hip hop to fight the new world order" on 12160:

Biggest Middle Class Tax Increase In History Will Come In Five Month:

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