Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paul Vows To Unite Occupy And Tea Party Movements

Congressman heckled by Occupiers at veterans event
Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.comPaul Vows To Unite Occupy And Tea Party Movements image
After being interrupted by Occupy protesters during a veterans rally in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday, Ron Paul praised the movement, compared it to the Tea Party and declared that he was the only GOP candidate who could bridge the two causes and instill real change in Washington.
During the opening remarks of his speech to the hundreds in attendance, Paul was interrupted by protesters screaming “What about the children of the 99%?”
“You are a servant of the 1%,” one woman was heard shouting in Paul’s direction, clearly either unaware or ignoring the fact that the Congressman has railed against the Federal Reserve system for over three decades and was the only candidate staunchly opposed to the banker bailouts.
“I am a veteran, my husband is a veteran…” the woman screamed, adding “does he care about us?”
Well, yes he does. The Congressman served as an Air Force surgeon, and while in office has tirelessly engaged in constituent service work on behalf of military veterans.
He was the only GOP candidate to write to the president recently to protest the fact that military retirees are now facing benefit cuts under the administration’s proposed $1.5 trillion dollar tax hike.
Despite his fierce anti-war stance, Paul’s unwavering support for veterans has seen him receive more donations from from active-duty military than all of the other Republican presidential candidates combined, as well as the president himself.
“Free Speech, aint it great!” Paul boomed as the protesters, surrounded by tv cameras and reporters, continued to make their points.

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