Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watch New Hampshire GOP LIVE ABC WMUR Republican Debate Streamin" 9:00 PM:

 The Big Picture (Maxwell Igan):

 Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (A Very TSA Christmas)

 Department of Homeland SSecurity Freaks Out Seniors and the Disabled

  "Cannabis Research A-Z" on 12160:

 "Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation - News, Views and " 

 Racist Rick Santorum:

 Man In Montana Writes Declaration Of War - 

 "What in the world are they doing to us? vitamin D deception." on 12160:

 "Occupy Movie" inspiring documentary highlights the unified voices :

 Iowa Caucus 2012: GOP Establishment Steals Votes From Ron Paul, Voter Fraud? 1/2 :

 "Lockup everyone": Jon Stewart on Barack Obama signing the - The Daily Show

 Nancy Banks on Vaccines:


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