Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CIA whistleblower charged for leaking torture secrets : http://t.co/GUCCj64p

U.S. soldier accused of killings of 24 Iraqi civilians reaches plea deal http://t.co/dvK7FCSG

Limbaugh: Ron Paul ‘sounds like an Islamic terrorist’: http://t.co/VzCUaWWe

Magnitude-5.0 shakes Big Island in Hawaii: http://t.co/FNUzyOIs

India Fingerprinting, Iris Scanning Billion People http://t.co/CY49ruvu

Watch LIVE NBC News National Journal Republican Debate http://t.co/cO5jvKp2

Checking out "Planes expected to reroute following massive solar eruption" on 12160: http://t.co/CccqopHA

Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America Challenges Secret Trillion Dollar Black Budget: http://t.co/Oj1fjKE6

Warning: Disturbing Pics (Beyond Belief) Fallujah babies: Under a new kind of siege http://t.co/iS7zYVMX

Sheriff Mack's interview in Delray Beach, Florida: http://t.co/TBwhYKp5

Fukushima Cover Up Unravels: “The Government Can No Longer Pull the Wool Over the Public’s Eyes”: http://t.co/glPafuJW

One Step Towards War: EU extends its Syria sanctions to asset freezes, travel bans: http://t.co/SINSevBL

Kadhafi diehards seize former regime bastion: http://t.co/NHVRLDe7

Libyans storm transitional government headquarters in Benghazi: http://t.co/FSLttzbp

How Al Qaeda men came to power in Libya, by Thierry Meyssan of VoltaireNet: http://t.co/T8xJUSkY

Twitter users are being tricked into joining Anonymous cyber attacks on U.S. government - and could be jailed http://t.co/J3Fg2PSO

Health insurance company preys upon the poor with junk food reward program for vaccinating your baby http://t.co/J3Fg2PSO

Revolution Required TV Documentaries, & News: http://t.co/ukbycy6B

Marijuana, Cocaine & The War on Drugs Special playing here -THE TRUTH CHANNEL Documentaries : http://t.co/jrqYfpYw

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - Transcript and sources: http://t.co/XXYnpvd5 Everything you ever wanted ... http://t.co/8lDHFtrw

This 9/11 Video was BANNED - watch http://t.co/NWvtPD95 and google: ALBERT D. PASTORE http://t.co/pLRrUffV

Apple's Foreign Suppliers Demonstrate Widespread Scamming and Horrific Abuse of Employees http://t.co/Yu3jEiOZ

How To Make Fresh Sprouts With Sprouting Seed - http://t.co/po59FdLi How to Sprout seeds for food and how t... http://t.co/TzNYbRKg

Rockefeller scared of Ron Paul - Watch his body language closely. He's lying... http://t.co/VTEeRHOF

Paul Craig Roberts Message to Paul Campaign: http://t.co/fNzVLldi

Huckabee Interview with Ron Paul 1-22-12: http://t.co/85eovurj

From Ron Paul's Facebook page: RAND PAUL DETAINED BY TSA : http://t.co/VzCUaWWe


UK Undercover Police Had Children With Activists They Were Spying On http://t.co/ClpCvO4i

Study Proves Fluoride Brain Damage: http://t.co/Hukrn8Qx

#nwo 9/11 Videos Part 1 : http://t.co/9wpE5MzN

How To Make Fresh Sprouts With Sprouting Seed: http://t.co/2UXz1PoV

Escape, Evade, Survive. - Survival & Health Groups http://t.co/VfLfA1wW

UK Undercover Police Had Children With Activists They Were Spying On0: http://t.co/Nn53WvQ3

How to Save a Treehouse from a Zoning Board - It was supposed to be a slice of Americana and of childhood dreams, sa... http://t.co/wjyGcMbu

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