Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza ...

"Gaza is living through horror… while the international community does nothing."
One top producer who has worked with Cruz says he privately has vowed not to hire her again, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Another top Hollywood executive also privately expressed his disapproval, saying he's "furious at Javier and Penelope" and wasn't sure about working with the Spanish couple again.
Relativity Media chief executive Ryan Kavanaugh was the only studio head willing to go public with his views: "As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I know that anyone calling what's going on in Israel 'genocide' vs. self-defense is either ignorant and shouldn't be commenting or is truly anti-Semitic."
However, Kavanaugh doesn't believe the letter will harm either of the actors' careers as long as their films are box office hits.
As one film producer explained: "I think the thing any executive or producer will try to calculate before working with Penelope Cruz or Javier Bardem in the near future is what their value is in the all-important international marketplace.


  1. But would Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem be willing to work with and for war criminals? For mass murderers? For advocates of Apartheid?
    For those animals who ritually assassinate children? For enemies of Mankind?
    For land grabbers? Penelope Cruz is too beautiful and noble to accept to even have anything to do with such scum.And this applies to Bardem too.

  2. Ok. Here it is. Out there for the world to see...