Friday, October 21, 2011

Ron Paul -- The Trillion Dollar Man

COMMENTARY | I have followed politics for a long time, and there is never a shortage of politicians promising the world and not delivering. After my recent review of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan I detailed why this plan is "all sizzle and no steak" and how an additional 9 percent federal sales tax would give the weak consumer driven economy an immediate heart attack. I believe we already collect enough in taxes, seemingly more than enough, and our problem is almost entirely based around our federal government's spending habits.

Voters should take 10 minutes to read The Plan to Restore America proposed by presidential candidate Ron Paul. Many of Paul's closest supporters might not think it goes far enough, while others who don't mind a ballooning national debt might think it cuts too much and that is why this is the best plan for restoring America.

It's well balanced. It cuts most federal spending back to the levels of 2006 (I'm sure we can all remember life way back in '06) and it saves tax dollars by ending the wars and stops providing any foreign aid. However, Social Security gets increased funding each subsequent year in the Paul presidency as does Medicare, military retirement funding and veterans' benefits.

More importantly this plan is necessary. Without real major changes in defining what the role of our federal government ought to be, we will not be able to achieve prosperity in America again.


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