Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ron Paul Visits University of Iowa with Anti-War Message

Texas Congressman says he would cut a trillion dollars off the budget in the first year.
Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul, told a 1000-plus person crowd at the University of Iowa that he won’t hesitate to cut a trillion dollars out of the budget by getting rid of five government departments and slashing the military budget down to $500,000 billion.
On his most recent swing through Iowa, Paul said he has been accused of being unpatriotic for his anti-war stance, but the recent movement of “American Exceptionalism,” he said, in which American ideals are “force(d) down the throats of everybody and if they don’t accept us we’re going to bomb them to oblivion” is both not right and expensive.
“This whole notion that people go into the military just to fight wars, useless wars that aren’t even declared, is complete nonsense,” he said. “They’re willing to defend our country, but they don’t want to just go to war for the sake of war.”

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