Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wall Street Lobbyist Target Occupy Movementt  
grannies stepping up for the constitution and OWS  
Introducing the 'Near Poor' - which now includes 51 million Americans 
Open Letter to UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi
UC Davis will probe use of pepper-spray on student protesters 
number of children in the United States considered poor rose by 1 million in 2010
: - Protesters Launch 'Robokopter' Drone
Jennifer Weiss one of the 10 journalists arrested during Occupy Wall Street
A Message From Scott Olsen, the young Iraq War veteran who was hospitalized after Oakland police attacked
NYPD deliberately kept reporters and legal observers away during Zuccotti Park raid
retaliates against police for Occupy Wall Street crackdown - National Anonymous |
The cop group coordinating the Occupy crackdowns | San Francisco Bay Guardian
Red Alert: Protect IP/SOPA Bills Could Change Or Destroy Alternative Media As We Know It
The cop group coordinating the Occupy crackdowns
Just uploaded a new photo dees "ron paul" debates
Karl Rove Flips Out At Protesters: 'Who Gave You The Right To Occupy America?
Cops pepper-spray students, point blank in face
UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move protesters California:

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