Sunday, November 6, 2011

12160mhz The Importance Of The Occupy Movement (Original Content):
Think The News Isn't Scripted, Controlled?

All is not Well with Fargo: divesting the revolution:
Operation Invade Wall Street - A message to the Media:

One Year of Prison Costs More Than One Year at Princeton:

China Building our Roads and Bridges -   Did you really think these jobs would go to Americans?     New San Fr...

911 to Soon Accept Texts, Videos, Photos - Social media has radically influenced how we learn about today’s current ...

Living Just Enough... -   One of the most ethereal truths ever spoken about the cloyed War o...

UN Sanctioned, Pakistani Trained Sri Lankan Army War Crimes

William (Bill) Cooper predictions and facts, Shame on you America!

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Buy Nothing Day 2011:

Congress frequent fliers again, taking 415 privately funded trips- nearly a 75% jump from 2010:


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