Sunday, September 25, 2011

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[17:49] <EoS> yess exactly shes saying get rid of the 911 stuff
[17:49] <joinaunion> why cant i post on livestream say message limit reached wtf
[17:49] <rebel> Get good government
[17:49] <smilemonger> good politicians?  never put those words together...
[17:49] <Yaymee> they need to clear it?
[17:50] <voxnihil418> i think all this alien, and 9-11 truth stuff needs to be left out of this
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[17:50] <joinaunion> i havent even posted today
[17:50] <smilemonger> 911 is a touchstone of controversy
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[17:50] <Stigmartyr> +1
[17:50] <RetroNuclear239> yes, nothing special will happen if 9/11 is complete investigated... more important is revolution now
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[17:50] <LobsterMan> nooooooo stream dropped
[17:50] <vitamax> She doesn't believe the official Myth. Wisdom.
[17:50] <LobsterMan> wait......
[17:50] <Stigmartyr> Retro - I do believe something will happen
[17:50] <LobsterMan> maybe im just lagging
[17:50] <Master0fPuppets> sup Arch
[17:50] <steveaustin1971> if we get back control of the country, the rest will solve itself
[17:50] <Yaymee> focus
[17:50] <smilemonger> revolt against govt takeover
[17:51] <smilemonger> refer to wikileaks docs
[17:51] <RetroNuclear239> but no change.....
[17:51] <EoS> wtf 1927
[17:51] <Gavman> 1927?!?!
[17:51] <voxnihil418> well, regardless of anyones personal feelings about those subjects, were not going to find common ground as easily
[17:51] <Yaymee> 1927 :)
[17:51] <EoS> 2 fucking 7
[17:51] <Yaymee> lol
[17:51] <rebel> omg she was there too
[17:51] <voxnihil418> need to focus on things people can agree on
[17:51] <Master0fPuppets> wow she remembers it clearly
[17:51] <EoS> thats ancient
[17:51] <Yaymee> bless her heart
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[17:51] <rebel> getting a goose skin
[17:51] <voxnihil418> she knows her history thats awesome
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[17:51] <smilemonger> youth, remember this
[17:51] <EoS> this is gold
[17:52] <EoS> this could be the next youtube hit
[17:52] <smilemonger> youth are always the first to complain
[17:52] <smilemonger> they have no stakes
[17:52] <EoS> ppl love gannies
[17:52] <Derek> Yeah you should check out Kent State University Riot
[17:52] <Derek> US army shooting students
[17:52] <EoS> and  they will love riot grannies
[17:52] <smilemonger> youth inspires the rest of the populace
[17:52] <DrDeanDrambus> If the US army were to do that here the country would flip
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[17:52] <smilemonger> remember history
[17:52] <Yaymee> mutual inspiration
[17:52] <Bozenka> Kent State was Ohio State National Guard
[17:52] <voxnihil418> im 40 should split lol jkjkjk
[17:53] <Gavman> argh mods I respect but really getting livestream chat locked tyoo much
[17:53] <EoS> it is the mission of youth to question the system and fix it if neccesary
[17:53] <smilemonger> spread to other generations in the occupation and the growing movement
[17:53] <Gavman> try and chill guys
[17:53] <Yaymee> Won't forget you grannies
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[17:53] <vitamax> Better believe the Perps know history.
[17:53] <plastik> exit
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[17:53] <Wallanon419> if the youth don't fix the system for when they're older, who will?
[17:53] <smilemonger> question your assumptions
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[17:54] <joinaunion> did anyone record that and are you posting on youtube
[17:54] <Bozenka> The Perps The Popes and The PBR  - Walk Preach and Drink yersef silly
[17:54] <steveaustin1971> thanks Florida!
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[17:54] <smilemonger> we are all one
[17:54] <smilemonger> drop your beliefs and assumptions
[17:54] <raizeil> lol vitamins... thanks florida dude..
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[17:54] <voxnihil418> its set to be wrecked, at this rate ,people will be in un container cities ha
[17:54] <EoS> im sure the media team wil post the grannies
[17:54] <RetroNuclear239> yeah
[17:55] <Yaymee> No TV all day... and haven't missed a thing. heheh
[17:55] <voxnihil418> i think the people still supporting the status quo dont realize, change is coming, like it or not.
[17:55] <smilemonger> if the youth don't remember history who will?
[17:55] <Bozenka> Containers are a bit hot, but your kidneys learn to tolerate it until you die
[17:55] <Master0fPuppets> put that douche hudson on permaban ffs.
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[17:55] <vitamax> Wall Street remembers history.
[17:55] <voxnihil418> it will be either positive or, a complete collapse in which it will be forced on them
[17:55] <Bozenka> Youth live history - moditba kin memern current only Only us geezers
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[17:56] <sonicon> someone should hand out peaceful books like Tao Te Ching
[17:56] <Bozenka> Dern rhumatiz Youth live history an us Geezers 'member it
[17:56] <EoS> sun stu
[17:56] <EoS> sun tsu
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[17:57] <Yaymee> Honestly... 99% of us have been working our butts off to try to change things through elections here recently - and where has it gotten us? So this is our chance to take it into our own hands and we can not fail.
[17:57] <Bozenka> Sun Tsu The Art of War
[17:57] <Master0fPuppets> is their main site, and is their music site - can a mod post that?
[17:57] <Bozenka> J.D. Gann - The Tunnel Through The Air
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[17:58] <voxnihil418> well one thing, you can actually thank politicians for bieng so inept as to create the situations that led to this lol
[17:58] <Bozenka> I am selling Hitler's toilet seat and Madonna's PAP schmear - any takers?
[17:58] <voxnihil418> hahaha
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[17:59] <smilemonger> pappy...
[17:59] <sonicon> you thank everyone, even the evil and corrupt, and they become reflections of you
[17:59] <EoS> how many viewers are there now
[17:59] <voxnihil418> 6k
[18:00] <smilemonger> a movement with leaders
[18:00] <smilemonger> wow
[18:00] <Zeromatic> Shiva in Exile - Viva La Revolucion //
[18:00] *** groknorris [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:00] <Bozenka> I'm watching from the peep show window. Those holgram tokens don't work anymore though
[18:00] <smilemonger> the celbs are jealous
[18:00] *** mindspunAWY is now known as mindspun
[18:00] <smilemonger> that's not the celebate
[18:01] <EoS> where are the news vans what ajoke
[18:01] <voxnihil418> if i still lived in philly i'd be there... unfortunately i couldn't befurther away and still be in the country without ending up in the gulf
[18:01] <EoS> msm has really faild on this
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[18:02] *** orestes_ [~orestes@178.73.gkm.iiv] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:02] <steveaustin1971> I don't think we need the MSM. They will only twist it their way, its what they are good at.
[18:02] <vitamax> Rather, msm exposes themselves.
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[18:02] <steveaustin1971> we are better off to leave the MSM out of it
[18:02] <skep> hehe..greek state tv building is under complete occupation by students...all entrances are blocked. tv is still refusing to send a video the students brought with them...
[18:02] <Yaymee> This is way better than msm
[18:02] <steveaustin1971> they made themselves irrelevant
[18:02] <smilemonger> i like street theater everyone is connecting via comcast, at&t, verizon, etc. and we can't boycott them...
[18:02] *** Anchoo|fagbreak is now known as Anchoo
[18:02] <EoS> they failed and thereby exposed themselfes yes
[18:02] <shoog> Hi from florida
[18:03] <smilemonger> boycot the internet?
[18:03] <voxnihil418> true the media has ploys that they use repeatedly to discredit protesters, in every single instance.
[18:03] <steveaustin1971> thanks Poland!
[18:03] <EoS> skep tell em to broadcast ows
[18:03] <shomon> skep, can you post that video here?
[18:03] <smilemonger> copopt infiltrators, moles are on our side
[18:03] <voxnihil418> best thing is to spread the info via email, social networks, and word of mouth.
[18:03] <skep> EoS: well.I think they need to broadcast their action right now.. ;-)
[18:03] <Archaeon> EVERYONE: you can go to occupy wall street FB and see instructions on how to send goods and supplies directly to the protest food table.
[18:03] <sonicon> boycott entertainment, taxes, and corporate/gov jobs if anything
[18:04] <raizeil> he has no name..
[18:04] <Yaymee> focus: Wallstreet
[18:04] <skep> shomon:  - from the other street, so not much to see
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[18:04] *** Archaeon [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:04] <vitamax> At last, the rebel yell is for the 99%.
[18:04] <joepie91> ok, so can anyone explain to me why they order fastfood, instead of setting up a collective kitchen?
[18:04] <joepie91> let people order fastfood*
[18:05] <EoS> americans joe..
[18:05] *** feanorian99 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:05] <Archaeon> you can go to occupy wall street FB and see instructions on how to send goods and supplies directly to the protest food table.
[18:05] <joinaunion> @infinity can you see why i cant post on livestream please
[18:05] <Archaeon> EVERYONEyou can go to occupy wall street FB and see instructions on how to send goods and supplies directly to the protest food table.
[18:05] <sonicon> tell people to donate to the food fund instead of ordering pizza maybe
[18:05] <Profit_Prophet> i dont think nypd will allow a kitchen in the park
[18:05] <Yaymee> They were making sandwiches earlier
[18:05] <skep> shomon: i don't know the content of the video..
[18:05] <smilemonger> gophers are with us, environmental destruction with the extraction and use of fossil fuels affect themas well
[18:05] <joepie91> meh, why not?
[18:05] <q-> heh difnitely not, they dont even allow a tarp.
[18:05] <joepie91> as long as you don't use gas...
[18:05] <Profit_Prophet> no tent, no tarp - prob no kitchen
[18:05] <iniquitous> Archaeon: why you spamming private messages... no likey
[18:05] <EoS> but hey said something about getting a kithcne earlier
[18:05] <EoS> a industrial kitchen
[18:05] <sonicon> cooking would be pointed out as a major hazard
[18:05] <smilemonger> wolves and polar bears send love
[18:06] <Profit_Prophet> i saw a white shirt inspecting thier food table earlier in the week
[18:06] <smilemonger> sharks and smelt feel the love too!
[18:06] <herpderp> Is there a specific address we should use when ordering from
[18:06] <joepie91> then find someone that lives close to there and is willing to lend out his kitchen,... and have a bunch of people go out and cook there?
[18:06] <shomon> ah okay...
[18:06] *** KiwiGal [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:06] *** pasette [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:06] <smilemonger> pigs and cows are spamming props to OWS
[18:07] <joepie91> would be a lot healthier and cheaper than constant fastfood
[18:07] <Profit_Prophet> if they stay long enough - maybe they can turn part of the park into a victory garden
[18:07] *** helbs [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:07] <joepie91> plus, something like a small giveaway store / really really free market would fit in nicely there
[18:07] <sonicon> just eat raw fruits and vegetables, it's much healther than cooked stuff
[18:07] *** bottle [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:07] <voxnihil418> half asleep still from staying up all night, anyone know the site coordinating/listing other cities protests?
[18:08] *** OccupyNation [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
[18:08] <joepie91> saw a library earlier today, but there's no giveaway/freemarket right?
[18:08] *** AllStarDRose [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:08] <EoS>
[18:08] <AllStarDRose> :)
[18:08] <voxnihil418> thx
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[18:08] <shoog> The pictures on Flickr occupywallstreet most have copyrights.  Can we not use them to bombard social media sites?
[18:09] <joepie91> shoog, as long as you use it on social media sites you can probably get away with ignoring copyright
[18:09] <hyp3rcrav3> Greek is a beautiful language.
[18:09] *** Bozenka [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
[18:09] *** alatin [~alatin@137.56.kkw.nk] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:09] <lawyeratlarge> Food preparation would be a little like street vending pretzels and tacos but a picnic in a public park is a different thing
[18:09] <joepie91> just be careful to not reuse anything from getty, they send out legal threats like a motherfucker
[18:09] <EoS> fuck copyright
[18:09] *** victory [] has quit [Quit: victory]
[18:09] <joepie91> lawyeratlarge, then just prepare the food elsewhere
[18:09] <joepie91> :p
[18:09] <joepie91> in a house somewhere
[18:09] <joepie91> problem solved
[18:10] *** RubyRidgeIdaho [~RubyRidge@50.37.prl.zy] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:10] <shoog> Thanks joepie91     :))   Yeah... F copyright!
[18:10] <lawyeratlarge>  a picnic :-)
[18:10] <joepie91> also
[18:10] <joepie91> flickr DOES actually have a creative commons search
[18:10] *** toysRus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:10] <KiwiGal> idea: contact local food businesses, and ask what they do with their end of day left overs... Ask if they can donate/sell cheaply rather than chuck out.
[18:11] *** kschap [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:11] <joepie91> and so does google images
[18:11] <smilemonger> collaborate folks, everyone is disgusted with the situation.  everyone in the world, except the power elite
[18:11] <shoog> I'll do my best.  But I'm running out of material.
[18:11] <YT> posted on OWS facebook page: "So abc news just went live saying that the protesters have been handed a document saying they can no longer remain in the park. The news reporter also said " We shall see what happens come nightfall." Sounds like a threat "
[18:11] <joepie91> only searching reusable images
[18:11] <joepie91> YT: that was yesterday, no?
[18:12] <Master0fPuppets> KiwiGal, corporations don't let them do that - old food = possibly bad food = possible law suit. lame, i know, but it is what it is.
[18:12] *** kschap [] has quit [Client Quit]
[18:12] <YT> yeah they handed out papers yesterday
[18:12] <KiwiGal> Yeah, but corps won't "let" you protest... right?
[18:12] <voxnihil418> repost, make sure it spreads
[18:12] <voxnihil418> flood the internet
[18:12] <joeanybody334> Constitution allows protesting
[18:12] *** OneLove [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[18:12] <Master0fPuppets> All people can do is wait till they actually throw it out (sometimes they'll put it n a clean bag or box for you) and you have to take it out of the dumpster.
[18:13] <smilemonger> psyops can go the other way around.  any mad scientists aout there?
[18:13] <KiwiGal> Yeah, and as I can tell, the corps are really caring about your rights...
[18:13] <smilemonger> i might get kicked again
[18:13] <joepie91> dumpsterdiving :D
[18:13] *** fishscale [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[18:14] <EoS> im a scientist according to my degrew..and a little amd
[18:14] <Master0fPuppets> no, they're not - but it's not the corporations that are at the stores/resturants, it's employees that can't afford to lose their job.
[18:14] <hyp3rcrav3> You guys catching this live in Greece? voices are greek ticker is English and Greek.
[18:14] <Archaeon> is there anyone here thatworks on the anon world wide blogspot?
[18:14] <smilemonger> hehe
[18:14] *** Vio [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[18:14] <Livestream> EoS, food science? :P
[18:14] <KiwiGal> Seriously, talk to them, it's dumpster diving before getting to the dumpster
[18:14] <smilemonger> EoS, you know about mind control tech?
[18:14] <q-> Archaeon: usually have contact via twitter, why?
[18:14] *** Vio [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:14] <EoS> not really
[18:15] *** social-est_ [] has quit [Quit: social-est_]
[18:15] <voxnihil418> psyops... theyve been doing that since the 60s
[18:15] *** lawyeratlarge [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:15] *** PhxAZ [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:15] <voxnihil418> 50s even
[18:15] <smilemonger> science is diverse, wish it was in the politics
[18:15] <Master0fPuppets> if I was there, I would... unfortunately, I'm a disabled vet (and 9-11 first responder) living out in PA now... I can't even afford to get there. Born and raised in NYC though...
[18:15] <KiwiGal> Heck, they may 'conveniently' leave the leftovers by the back door LOL
[18:15] *** fishscale [fishscale@213.155.lps.xsz] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:16] <smilemonger> google docs allows collaborate
[18:16] <smilemonger> OWS demands need collaboration
[18:16] <EoS> master thats disgraceful for ur gov that u cnt ven live in ur birthcity as a vet
[18:16] <smilemonger> oogle might allow that
[18:16] <Master0fPuppets> yeah, I know EoS. Fucked up. :/
[18:16] *** Po [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[18:16] <Master0fPuppets> I'm still fighting social security too... 10 years now.
[18:17] <voxnihil418> thats why people involved need to keep a clear head at all times, there will be plants... i even thought the yelling flag wavy guy looked like a plant yesterday haha
[18:17] *** OblongSau [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[18:17] <voxnihil418> antagonizing the police
[18:17] <Anti-War> Need to set up kitchens and have donations sent in to buy supplies.
[18:17] *** Po [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:18] *** StarCrossed [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:18] <smilemonger> if you look at the % disabled, elderly, impoverished, that makes a third of the population or more, then there's kids.  so half or less probly of population can go to streets
[18:18] <smilemonger> my numbers are probably wrong
[18:18] <smilemonger> still...
[18:19] <smilemonger> thats millions that are capable
[18:19] *** vitamax [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:19] <smilemonger> if half are not conscribed to right wing ideologies or stuck some other way, there's alot of peeps to get on the street
[18:19] <smilemonger> everyone can o one general strike though
[18:20] <smilemonger> no buying or selling
[18:20] <smilemonger> no work
[18:20] <smilemonger> organize for gen strike
[18:20] <shomon> good idea Anti-War - hope that comes together...
[18:20] <smilemonger> big action!!!!!
[18:21] <RubyRidgeIdaho> any IDAHO on irc ?
[18:21] <smilemonger> bring protest home!!!!!!
[18:21] <smilemonger> boycot!  quit using the internet!
[18:21] *** CrisisCrayon [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
[18:21] <smilemonger> oh wait...
[18:22] <smilemonger> visit your grandmother
[18:22] *** groknorris [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:22] *** joinaunion [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[18:22] <smilemonger> i thought the guy yelling at police yesterday was out of line
[18:22] <smilemonger> he was waiving the colonial american flac upside down and backward
[18:23] <smilemonger> agent provacateur?
[18:23] <yip> upside down flag is a sign of distress iirc.
[18:23] <smilemonger> backward?
[18:23] <q-> eh it reminds me a bit about that flag-burning argument decades ago.
[18:23] <Gavman> what is illegal about that>
[18:23] <q-> it isn't for all i know
[18:24] <professr> nothing
[18:24] <smilemonger> not illegal, provoking police action
[18:24] <smilemonger> everyone else was marching
[18:24] *** guest-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:24] <professr> there is a flag code in the US statutes, but it doesn't provide any penalties for violating it
[18:24] <smilemonger> hehe
[18:24] <yip> seems odd he was picked out and arrested...but then the cops were grabbing anyone they fancied at that point.
[18:24] <professr> it made for an amazing picture, at least
[18:24] <smilemonger> i think i would like to invoke the flag with the gold fringes at the occupation
[18:25] *** joinaunion [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:25] <smilemonger> fly the flag!!!!!
[18:25] <Profit_Prophet> it seemed to me flag guy was reacting to police grabbing other people
[18:25] <voxnihil418> ah some noise music
[18:25] <voxnihil418> jkjkjk
[18:25] <steveaustin1971> I find the noise of the park soothing
[18:26] <joinaunion>
[18:26] <voxnihil418> there was some loud distortion for a sec
[18:26] <thr> let this guy sit down and say something on the stream!
[18:26] <professr> that's going to be a powerful PR photo
[18:26] <LoGic> test
[18:26] <LoGic> :)
[18:26] <q-> can you replay the columnist guy?
[18:26] <Anti-War> When the 1% rich rule; democracy is no more.
[18:26] <smilemonger> send flags to wall street
[18:26] <herpderp> the thing is, people have the right to yell at, insult, and criticize cops as long as they don't touch them or interfere in lawful police activity...
[18:27] *** mindspun [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:27] <voxnihil418> the funny thing in that footage, i wasnt stuck somuch by flag guy,but the guy that got clocked repeatedly off to the side for absolutely no reason at all
[18:27] <steveaustin1971> just because you can, does not mean you should
[18:27] <steveaustin1971> that works for cops and protestors alike
[18:27] <voxnihil418> apologies for typos, still having coffee
[18:28] <yip> yeah the lad in the striped jumper
[18:28] <smilemonger> flag guy brought the cops on, good footage for the MSM maybe
[18:28] *** PhxAZ [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
[18:28] <herpderp> should or shouldn't has nothing to do with the laws on the books
[18:28] <voxnihil418> he brought the cops on by yelling and gesticulating but the other guy was just standing there, and the cop reached over and plop plop plop, hit him damn hard.
[18:29] <voxnihil418> and then went back too taking the flag guy down
[18:29] <EoS> awesome wisconsin
[18:29] <EoS> that was a good occ
[18:29] <BaphometIRC> does anyone else in here have a tumblr who is writing about this? i'd like to follow you. i'm
[18:29] <yip> that lad was carried off by 4 cops later on.
[18:30] <smilemonger> ok, green fringes on the falg at OWS!!!!!!  run that up the pole!
[18:30] <voxnihil418> ...
[18:30] <herpderp> too be fair though, most of the cops and protestors are behaving.  it could be a whole lot worse on either side...
[18:30] *** tarn [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:30] <EoS> yep
[18:30] *** anony [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:30] <smilemonger> vox: yeah, that was some smack down!  WDUHFUG
[18:30] <voxnihil418> im surprised its so civil tbh, hoping it stays that way
[18:31] <tarn> hello all - glad to see things did not descend into a furball overnite
[18:31] <bottle> ^^
[18:31] *** coffeemug [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:31] <smilemonger> the smackdown was good fodder for MSM
[18:32] <coffeemug> i don't like cats either
[18:32] <coffeemug> *wrongroom
[18:32] *** guest-en [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
[18:32] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:32] *** mode/#occupywallstreet [+v Freedom_Fighter_NYC] by daddylynyrd
[18:33] *** mindspun [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:33] <smilemonger> offeemug: what did you do last nite?
[18:33] <tarn> fodder for MSM - sounds like I missed something
[18:33] <coffeemug> slept
[18:33] <smilemonger> nice!
[18:33] <coffeemug> actually
[18:33] <coffeemug> i didnt sleep
[18:33] <voxnihil418> es it is
[18:33] <coffeemug> i stayed in the bed
[18:33] <voxnihil418> yes
[18:33] <voxnihil418> posted
[18:33] *** StarCrossed [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[18:33] <smilemonger> my cat wakes me up at 5am
[18:34] *** lollardy [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:34] <tarn> I'd kill the cat at 5:01
[18:34] <smilemonger> i don't like him at that hour
[18:34] <EoS> cats are bitches
[18:34] <smilemonger> fodder for msm
[18:35] <smilemonger> they eat violont images
[18:35] <tarn> cats are cool - I've had many
[18:35] <EoS> ah greece
[18:35] <Profit_Prophet> focus
[18:35] <smilemonger> violence is like sexuality
[18:35] <smilemonger> attractive to everyone for some reason...
[18:35] <Gavman> ah excellent greek coverage
[18:36] <Zeromatic> any riots yet?
[18:36] <smilemonger> MSM should eat science and reason for b-fast
[18:36] <RetroNuclear239> it 00:30 in greek or not?
[18:36] <voxnihil418> tbh, as sad as it is, those images will get more people involved than 24 hours of peaceful protest.
[18:36] <smilemonger> compassion for liunch
[18:36] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Hey all
[18:36] <tarn> if they did that, they'd get indigestion
[18:36] <smilemonger> MSM dinner:  3 courses
[18:36] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Today was awesome
[18:36] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> No sleep. Ben. Up over 30 hrs
[18:36] <samz1la>   Occupy Wall Street Rediscovers the Radical Imagination
[18:37] <smilemonger> any menu suggestions?
[18:37] <joeanybody334>  
[18:37] *** AllStarDRose [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:37] <tarn> start with abnormal psychology?
[18:37] <smilemonger> ben needs a couch to recoup on
[18:37] <smilemonger> sleep dep makes crazy
[18:37] <LobsterMan> greek student occupation of a tv station
[18:37] <KiwiGal> sam, teh ran that story
[18:37] <voxnihil418> it also removes the defense of mainstream media to say they were altruistic throughout the event against a bunch of "communist/terrorist kooks"
[18:38] <smilemonger> where are the terroirists?
[18:38] <tarn> getting their uniforms on
[18:38] <tarn> oops, did I say trhat out loud?
[18:38] <voxnihil418> sadly anyone protesting could be labeled domestic terrorists, even more reason to be careful
[18:39] *** Caedes left #occupywallstreet []
[18:39] *** groknorris [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:39] <smilemonger> FF NYC you have our support!
[18:40] <voxnihil418> all it would take is a provocateur or 2 and some heavy emotion to paint this picture in old media
[18:40] <tarn> the economic war is definitely entering an intersting phase
[18:40] <Vio> considering my current life, im not that worried, but im also too broke to get to nyc right now
[18:40] <site1216160info> Victim testimony:  Chelsea Elliott pepper sprayed by  NYPD   #occupywallst #takewallstreet #LibertySquare #occupywallstreet
[18:40] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Thanks. Going in to subway will not have service ttyl
[18:40] <EoS> hello greecce
[18:40] <EoS> its tne internet
[18:40] <tarn> tc FFNY
[18:41] *** guest-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:41] *** gregeh [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[18:41] <smilemonger> what about the children?
[18:42] *** guest-en is now known as gregeh
[18:42] *** Archaeon [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
[18:42] <gregeh> what was the Greece stream link? had to refresh chat.
[18:43] <smilemonger> i have a funny feeling that the MSM will be flooded with some other story very soon
[18:43] *** lollardy [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
[18:43] <coffeemug> it's not economic war it's the natural struggle for balance
[18:43] <coffeemug> call it war i guess
[18:43] <Clunk> smilemonger: DJIA going belly-up?
[18:43] <coffeemug> @tarn
[18:43] <EoS> smilemonger lke what
[18:43] *** Archaeon [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:43] <smilemonger> just a hunch...
[18:43] <Clunk> EoS:  DJIA going belly-up?
[18:43] <steveaustin1971> I think the greek MC was a bit surprised by the US feed showing up
[18:43] <EoS> whats dija
[18:43] <smilemonger> that's n easy tactic to ignore on their part
[18:44] <Clunk> EoS: Dow Jones Industrial Average, also known as "The dow"
[18:44] <professr> man, that feed needs work
[18:44] <EoS> ah
[18:44] <smilemonger> they ignore anyways apparently, at will
[18:44] <smilemonger> where's the white knights when you need em?
[18:45] <EoS> white knights in shining armor or kkk
[18:45] <smilemonger> maybe rick santorum will slam perry!!!!!!
[18:45] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[18:46] <Stigmartyr> @vox - simmah down nah!
[18:46] <smilemonger> that would rile up the media
[18:46] <Stigmartyr> only ppl who come and talk about it are creating an issue where there is none
[18:46] <Stigmartyr> almost 10 days of peaceful productive protest
[18:46] *** tenchan [~jirc@142.68.thr.rhp] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:46] <Clunk> smilemonger: Meh. I say DJIA dropping something indecent.
[18:47] <smilemonger> like their profits?
[18:47] <Clunk> smilemonger: Tho Santorum might rough Perry up in the shitstorm afterwards :)
[18:47] <tarn> their profits = the publics money
[18:47] *** anony [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:48] <smilemonger> they may both be in love with each other.  But wh at this country needs is a stupid brunette in glasses!
[18:48] <EoS> lol
[18:49] <Clunk> smilemonger: If I may, a wet dream of mine: A GOP secy accidentally mailing their master plan to CNN. }:)
[18:49] <voxnihil418> Rick Santorum: Google wouldn't be this mean to Joe Biden...
[18:50] *** ReAn [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:50] <Onlooker> Google: Hey thanks for increasing searches for 'Santorum' Rick.
[18:50] <voxnihil418> what they don't realize is, if you wreck the poor... where are you going to get your $$$
[18:50] <smilemonger> wet dreams are what presidential candidates are made of nowadays...
[18:50] <samz1la> adbusters video mix of saturday activity:
[18:51] <voxnihil418> its a running joke... sorry
[18:51] <smilemonger> biden has a get out of ja=il free card with me
[18:51] <smilemonger> he can't stop smmiling!!!
[18:51] <voxnihil418> hes just biden his time
[18:51] <voxnihil418> ....
[18:51] <voxnihil418> jkjkjkjkj
[18:52] <smilemonger> the poor must be able to pay for something...
[18:52] <sonicon> all this corruption exists so that we can wake up
[18:52] <EoS> and i thoght i was the ony one worried like that due
[18:52] <smilemonger> how about a french bread feast at the whitehouse rese garden!
[18:52] <smilemonger> rose garden
[18:52] <smilemonger> i mean freedom bread...
[18:53] <samz1la> freedom bagels!
[18:53] <AnonNP> one of the Livestream mods is asking for media team members to respond there
[18:53] <smilemonger> get a life, me...
[18:53] <Gavman> what channel is that guy onitoring?
[18:53] <Gavman> monitoring*
[18:53] <Gavman> ah ok he is picking up livestream
[18:54] <smilemonger> everything happens for a reason?
[18:54] <AnonNP> :)
[18:54] *** guest-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:54] <EoS> i dont think he reading us they shoud read us were much smarter then the livestream channel
[18:54] *** guest-en [] has quit [Client Quit]
[18:54] <Zeromatic> mhmm
[18:54] <Crashrat> You guys need to get corned beef & hot mustard
[18:54] <AnonNP> HEY!!!  I R SMRT! :(
[18:54] <Crashrat> for yo bagels
[18:54] <smilemonger> let them (politicians) eat cache
[18:54] <Zeromatic> and alot more civilized
[18:54] <Crashrat> And self-respecting jew will take a good bagel w/ corned beef & hot mustard
[18:55] <smilemonger> me too
[18:55] <EoS> mh souns good.. i got the munchies
[18:55] *** shoog [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
[18:55] <voxnihil418> i think the trolls are turned off by irc
[18:55] <joeanybody334> FOOD link FOOD -
[18:55] <voxnihil418> not colorful enough
[18:55] <smilemonger> irc is all knowing and loving
[18:55] * Clunk thinks the trolls know it is way easier to be b& on IRC.
[18:55] <tarn> let them eat ascii
[18:55] *** joinaunion [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[18:55] <AnonNP> too hard to get here....all that clicking and shit
[18:55] <Master0fPuppets> irc scares trolls. it has no pretty buttons or fonts.
[18:55] <Crashrat> I've been trying to convince one of rich philanthropist friends to drop 10-20k into the donation fun
[18:55] <smilemonger> humans will respond to hman food
[18:55] <smilemonger> aliens are not hungry
[18:55] *** pinky [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:56] <joeanybody334> infinitycircle: FOOD link
[18:56] *** sm [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:56] <samz1la> rebecca black releases video in support of occupywallstreet: "rise up brothers and sisters and destroy the vampire squid" crooned the teen viral sensation
[18:56] *** Gakusei [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:56] <professr> *sigh*
[18:56] <smilemonger> crashrat: you are on the mark!
[18:56] <voxnihil418> lol
[18:56] <Crashrat> I'm trying
[18:57] <Archaeon> ADDRESS IS CORRECT
[18:57] <tarn> front page of ABC news - sweet
[18:57] <Archaeon>  PASS TO INFINITY
[18:57] <Crashrat> Personally I think it'd be more awesome to find a way to get an RV parked down there 24/7
[18:57] <Crashrat> So there'd be a place to keep electronics
[18:57] <Crashrat> Apparently NYPD expressed a shitload of hostility toward that and there's some laws that could let them just tow it away
[18:57] <joeanybody334> infinitycircle: FOOD link
[18:58] <Master0fPuppets> tell them it's ABCNEWS.GO.COM
[18:58] <Master0fPuppets> not ABC.GO.COM
[18:58] *** Gavman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:58] <Master0fPuppets> geez
[18:58] <tarn> I just checked, don't see it
[18:58] <Master0fPuppets> InfinityCircle, it's
[18:58] <Clunk> Crashrat: Well, I has an idea. Old Tank. :)
[18:58] *** bottle [] has quit []
[18:58] <Clunk> Crashrat: Let them /try/ to tow it away :D
[18:59] <joeanybody334> here is a list I made of Links donations etc:
[18:59] <smilemonger> maybe hedge fund managers can donate and then buy swaps...
[18:59] <Crashrat> Clunk - tanks can't be registered as vehicles
[18:59] <Crashrat> Already loooked into it
[18:59] *** Jamamono [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:59] *** guest-de [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:59] *** joinaunion [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[18:59] <joeanybody334> Open Chat on Livestream
[18:59] <Crashrat> Had a WW2 Bradley with rubber tracks, but can't use it.
[18:59] <Clunk> Crashrat: Great minds think alike, eh? What about APC's?
[18:59] <Crashrat> Any tracked vehicle
[18:59] *** dongs [] has quit [Quit: Adíos]
[18:59] <smilemonger> do they make love missles yet?
[19:00] <EoS> thre ws plans for a gay bomb once
[19:00] <Clunk> Crashrat: Well, there are armed personell carriers with plain old wheels :)
[19:00] <Onlooker> Crashrat: varies. You can register tracked vehicles in certain states as Special Interest and Historical.
[19:00] <Clunk> Crashrat: Armored*
[19:00] <joinaunion> are you talking about irc infinity
[19:00] <smilemonger> EoS : that is beyond F**ny
[19:00] <EoS> true story
[19:01] <EoS> google it
[19:01] *** finn [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:01] <joeanybody334> here is a list I made of Links donations etc:
[19:01] <Crashrat> The idea was going to be to have an RV with non Line-of-Sight planar arrays set up to relay an internet connection back to a hardline in an apartment. THen the RV was going to have an omni-directional antenna that would provide internet to the park. Give people around 100mbit up/down to use instead of the far more costly idea.
[19:01] <Clunk> EoS: IIRC, there is this video on YT with one exploding, big pink mushroom could :D
[19:01] <Clunk> EoS: Cloud*
[19:01] <Crashrat> But there's no way I can get this guy to donate it all unless it's secured in an RV so the cops don't smash it - and the cops won't let an RV stay there.
[19:01] <tarn> - nice article
[19:01] *** Gavman [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:01] *** njlee2011 [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:02] <guy> crash working on verifying addy
[19:02] <guy> please stand by
[19:02] <Onlooker> Which address?
[19:02] <njlee2011> Any new updates? Been away for another couple hours.
[19:03] <joeanybody334> I wish Caht wouldnt stop for LONG periods
[19:03] <smilemonger> crashrat: RV reminds me of private benjamin movie
[19:03] <EoS> no news
[19:03] <tarn> @njleee2011 MSM report on
[19:03] <sm> Are there any resteraunts down there that are supportive that we can call in meal donations to be delivered to the protesters?
[19:03] <guy> yes
[19:03] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:03] *** mode/#occupywallstreet [+v Freedom_Fighter_NYC] by daddylynyrd
[19:03] <guy> verifying addy
[19:03] <guy> please stand by
[19:03] <Crashrat> Well the idea was that with an RV
[19:03] <Crashrat> we could have restrooms set up
[19:03] <Crashrat> plus showers
[19:03] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Back all
[19:04] <Crashrat> just need a truck to relay in / out water & sewage
[19:04] <Crashrat> which is what the old hippies who have money now here want to do
[19:04] <EoS> lol donate them some portapotties for the park
[19:04] <smilemonger> crashrat: tru, what about existing resources like neighbors?
[19:04] <Crashrat> That's not the same
[19:04] <samz1la> how long can the media ignore this.. they are talking about protests in yemen, but not right in their backyard
[19:04] *** jankyhellface [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:04] <smilemonger> or couch surf folks
[19:04] *** finn [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:05] *** orestes_ is now known as LulzStarShip
[19:05] <smilemonger> create another event with permits and bring in porta pots and such
[19:05] *** njlee2011 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:05] <Crashrat> Permits have time limits
[19:05] <smilemonger> lulzpoop
[19:05] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Who thought the live stream was good today?
[19:05] <EoS> me
[19:05] <tarn> I htought the livestream was nice and quiet today
[19:06] <joeanybody334> Livestream was good - chat was not so
[19:06] <EoS> its sunday after all
[19:06] <smilemonger> it was good as in no interruptions.  The interviews this morning were priceless
[19:06] <Mechasr> Iliked todays stream - best yet
[19:06] <Zeromatic> what time is it in NYC right now?
[19:06] <voxnihil418> was asleep, stayed with this too late last night
[19:06] <Master0fPuppets> InfinityCircle, if you want a good irc prog, use xchat. its free.
[19:06] <tarn> 7PM?
[19:06] <Zeromatic> kthx
[19:06] <jolly> InfinityCircle, there was someone being thankful for the water donation earlier
[19:06] <jolly> so i think it has been delivered?
[19:06] <smilemonger> what time is it on the moon?
[19:06] <joeanybody334> im usin Mibbit [free also]
[19:07] <l0uise> it's 7:08
[19:07] *** Nexusflame [~IceChat7@24.100.rxu.wh] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:07] *** guest-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:07] <tarn> 7pm? LST
[19:07] *** guest-en-113 [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:07] <voxnihil418> time on the moon has no relevance
[19:07] <thr> Freedom_Fighter_NYC: Would have expected more people watching the stream, had more yesterday.. hasn't peaked any higher
[19:07] <Zeromatic> there is no time on the moon
[19:07] <Nexusflame> Infinity, thanks for posting the IRC info on livestream.
[19:07] <Zeromatic> it's dead space
[19:07] <l0uise> EDT
[19:07] <Zeromatic> limbo
[19:07] <joepie91> so... is there any way to get in contact with any of the organizers over there?
[19:07] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> I ran the live stream from 6 am to almost 7
[19:07] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> :)
[19:07] <thr> Freedom_Fighter_NYC: still batteries and more people
[19:07] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> The interviews that came my way. Wow
[19:07] <joeanybody334> 9 days on
[19:08] <tarn> @louise LST was Lunar Standard Time
[19:08] <smilemonger> the whole universe is watching!
[19:08] *** guest-en-113 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:08] <joepie91> in fact... are there any of the organizers on irc here?
[19:08] <smilemonger> well, maybe god...
[19:08] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Yea they need batt charges to charge the other  batts so we can walk around long 4 u guys
[19:08] *** guest-en-451 [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:08] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Batt chargers*
[19:08] *** iniquitous [iniquitous@ini.qui] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:08] <smilemonger> LST or LDT?
[19:08] <Zeromatic> they do not encourage violence, but do they discourage it?
[19:08] *** finn [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:09] <tarn> watch for typos, or we have a Time Leary moment
[19:09] *** shomon [~ale@77.228.zmm.mpl] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[19:09] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Was a About 6k all day
[19:09] <smilemonger> i have been watching the anagrams closely...
[19:09] <samz1la> DHS told the media not to cover it
[19:09] <thr> Freedom_Fighter_NYC: yeah but you need to make announcements of that so people know, the ones that are watching.
[19:09] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Peaceful protest
[19:09] *** AnonNP [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[19:09] <smilemonger> DHS can suck my lollipop!
[19:09] <samz1la> they dont want a nationwide protest on their hands
[19:09] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Of what?
[19:10] <thr> that you get new batteries!
[19:10] <voxnihil418> they already have a nationwide protest in the making, denver is starting tonight
[19:10] <joepie91> Did anyone consider that if the protesters continue eating fastfood constantly, this occupation is going to turn into a giant bottomless unnecessary donation pit, not to mention that it is relatively unhealth, and that it would also be somewhat hypocritical to rely on fast food corps if one of the things you are protesting against are corporations?
[19:10] <voxnihil418> new ones up since yesterday
[19:10] <Nexusflame> samz1|a do you have proof to back that up or are you just making things up?  If you do have proof.. please show it.. otherwise please don't feed people false information
[19:10] <samz1la> DHS rightly is concerned about the possibility of a mass insurrection.. theyve instructed major media not to cover the event
[19:10] <joepie91> waste of money and ideals, imo
[19:10] <Mechasr> hmmmmm, can DHS reports be confirmed ?
[19:10] *** AndroUser [~androirc@107.29.syl.jjt] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:10] <smilemonger> chat is worthless
[19:10] <Nexusflame> i doubt it mechasr
[19:10] <helbs> occupy wall street on fox news!
[19:10] <joepie91> Get some cooking plan running there, find a place where you can cook - a house of someone nearby who sympathizes, I don't know
[19:11] <tarn> when I claim I don't want an inflated tax bill, it means nothing.  When they claim they don't want a nationwide protest . . .
[19:11] <samz1la> Nexusflame: what makes you say its false?
[19:11] <joepie91> and cook some real food
[19:11] <smilemonger> don't chat anymore prople
[19:11] <EoS> joepie the food os from local restaurants
[19:11] *** AndroUser is now known as RpGamerX
[19:11] <smilemonger> watch tv
[19:11] <thr> joepie91: they got real food today
[19:11] <helbs> well that was the end of that report
[19:11] <smilemonger> nothing to see here
[19:11] <Nexusflame> because you can't back it up
[19:11] <Nexusflame> that's why
[19:11] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> U guys saw the pic of Dhs in an anon mask?
[19:11] <joepie91> EoS: that would not strike out my other 2 points
[19:11] <Nexusflame> unless you have proof of it happening.. don't make things up
[19:11] <joepie91> thr: oh?
[19:11] *** Stigmartyr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:11] <smilemonger> chat is cheap
[19:11] <voxnihil418> occupy denver -
[19:11] <samz1la> Nexusflame: again, why do you think its false?
[19:11] <joepie91> from where?
[19:11] <Clunk> Crashrat: Hey, what about selling the idea of an RV or bus as an a safer option to the NYPD?
[19:11] *** Raioku [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:12] <samz1la> Nexusflame: prove it bro'
[19:12] <Mechasr> Fox news just mentioned OWS for 5 secs
[19:12] *** shoog [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:12] <yip> fox is apparently showing footage.
[19:12] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Dhs wear anon mask
[19:12] <smilemonger> Palin has a cool RV!!!!!!!!
[19:12] <Raioku> supporting the movement via facebook.
[19:12] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Wearing
[19:12] <Crashrat> they don't want the protest to have resoruces
[19:12] <EoS> joe oo di u consider a pizza from a local restaurant corporate junkfood
[19:12] <smilemonger> bring it girl!
[19:12] <RpGamerX> did everyone see abc report?
[19:12] <Crashrat> so they're willing to use existing laws to whatever extreme to prevent it
[19:12] <Nexusflame> samz1|a if you're going to make accusations of DHS doing the blackout.. please show proof of it.. otherwise keep it to yourself...conspiracy theorists only hurt the cause
[19:12] <joepie91> EoS: if it's a local restaurant, point 3 does not apply. Point 1 and 2 still DO apply
[19:12] <helbs> The woman on Fox didn't even say what OWS was about. Just "protests and police macing people". the end.
[19:13] <Mechasr> looks like msm is starting to regurgitate the most popular youtubes
[19:13] <smilemonger> conspiracy is imagined, robbery is real!
[19:13] <samz1la> Nexusflame: you want an executive order signed in barack obama's blood? lol you are dreaming bro
[19:13] <voxnihil418> ancient alien theorist believe...
[19:13] <yip> quality reporting then...
[19:13] <joepie91> mostly the money pit argument
[19:13] <fishscale> prolly not far from the truth  nexus
[19:13] <smilemonger> ancient aliens are among us now!
[19:13] <tarn> the DHS anon mask link gave me a 404
[19:13] <voxnihil418> i know look at cheney
[19:13] <Nexusflame> samz1|a did I ask for that?  no.. you could at least show some link between the media blackout and DHS..
[19:13] <voxnihil418> lolo
[19:13] <Anti-War> NYPD’s Iron-Handed Response to Occupy Wall Street
[19:13] <Nexusflame> so far.. you have none
[19:13] <voxnihil418> no more jokes
[19:13] <smilemonger> cheyney, did you see his appliance?
[19:13] <smilemonger> if it fuckes up he dies...
[19:13] <samz1la> Nexusflame: are you aware of DHS's social media monitoring program?
[19:14] <voxnihil418> yea hes a cyborg now
[19:14] <RpGamerX> abc eyewitness news did an excellent piece
[19:14] <voxnihil418> transhumanism ftw!
[19:14] <Raioku> Im surprised the police are fucking people like this. Shouldnt they be eating doughnuts and not violating peoples first amendment?
[19:14] *** RubenHaan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:14] <joepie91> thr, what kind of food did they get?
[19:14] <smilemonger> cyborg tech for the poor!!!!
[19:14] <Raioku> can I has cybernetic implants? :D
[19:14] <Mechasr> If I go to another chat and say there are reports of DHS behind the blackout and it turns out to be bs it kills credibility
[19:14] <smilemonger> order food for police?  seems nice.
[19:14] <Nexusflame> samz1|a yup.. but once again.. you need to prove a link between the two.  Just saying something is happening doesn't mean it is. You need to show that it is
[19:14] <thr> joepie91: seen them get spaghetti with a lot of vegetables :)
[19:15] <smilemonger> squelch dissent
[19:15] <Nexusflame> otherwise it's just empty accusations aimed at stirring people up and getting them angry for the wrong reasons
[19:15] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Abc was there almost all day
[19:15] <yip> shrimp salad sandwich...?
[19:15] <tarn> yes, I read the ABC report
[19:15] <RpGamerX> reallt?
[19:15] * Clunk thinks it could simply be big business threatening to pull ad revenue if they cover #OWS.
[19:15] <Gavman> for issues liek that pls use #owspolitics
[19:15] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Yea
[19:15] <RpGamerX> nice
[19:15] <joepie91> thr, self-made or restaurant?
[19:15] <voxnihil418> sticking to known facts, a good strategy
[19:15] <Mechasr> Don't sptread rumors that make us look like liers
[19:15] <Nexusflame> ^^
[19:15] <Nexusflame> exactly
[19:16] <thr> joepie91: looked like self made
[19:16] <smilemonger> DHS can lick a fresh ice cream cone that they purchase with their grandmother's cookie jar coins!
[19:16] <joepie91> then I hope they are going to continue doing that
[19:16] *** interested_viewer [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:16] <joepie91> because seriously, people run out of money to donate, not to mention it's a massive waste
[19:16] <thr> yes because pizza isn't an option
[19:16] <joepie91> to do fastfood every day
[19:16] <tarn> did the GA use donations for food to purchase from Farmers market yesterday
[19:16] <joepie91> or other restaurant food
[19:16] <smilemonger> raise chickens on wall street
[19:17] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> smilemonger: we wish. Lol
[19:17] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> Plant gardens
[19:17] <joepie91> I'm surprised there's noone cooking dumpsterdived food yet
[19:17] <smilemonger> grow lettuce instead of colorfull annuals
[19:17] <Zeromatic> start digging
[19:17] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> L
[19:17] <joepie91> would've expected at least one person doing that by now
[19:17] <joepie91> in some way
[19:17] <Zeromatic> yeah
[19:17] <voxnihil418> get food not bombs down there
[19:17] <joepie91> cooking as in preparing
[19:17] <voxnihil418> O.o
[19:17] <joepie91> not necessarily heating
[19:17] <joepie91> voxnihil418, good point
[19:17] <Zeromatic> they should start their own, improvised society right there
[19:17] <smilemonger> compost all human waste and feed worms
[19:17] <interested_viewer> Checking in for the nightshift
[19:17] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC> They r kinda sick of pizza. But they will eat what u send
[19:17] <samz1la> 1) DHS was warning about OWS for weeks leading up to it:   2) DHS has a comprehensive social media monitoring system in place already:
[19:17] <smilemonger> compost the pizza?
[19:17] <joepie91> Freedom_Fighter_NYC, if i lived anywhere near NY I'd be going over there and cooking ymself
[19:17] <joepie91> myself*
[19:17] <joepie91> but sadly I don't
[19:17] <smilemonger> make biofuel out of the pizza
[19:18] <samz1la> DHS is the propaganda arm of the US govt. they are obviously warning media not to cover the event
[19:18] <Nexusflame> I honestly wish I had the funds to fly out there n' help out.  Pisses me off that I'm stuck in the center of the US really unable to lend a hand other than retweeting information so other people can see it n' providing links etc..
[19:18] *** guest-en-451 [] has quit [Quit: guest-en-451]
[19:18] <joepie91> Nexusflame, there's an ocean inbetween for me :(
[19:18] <thr> joepie91: You're from the Netherlands, any clue if Amsterdam is still at it?
[19:18] <smilemonger> enlist insects
[19:18] <RpGamerX> I'm surprised they haven't purchased bulk ramen noodles and water can survive on that for months
[19:18] <Vio> the pictures of dhs guys with guy fawkes masks on confuse me
[19:18] *** sm [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[19:18] <joepie91> thr, I haven't actually really heard *anything* about it
[19:18] <Freedom_Fighter_NYC>
[19:18] <smilemonger> love the truth
[19:18] <joepie91> seems nothing really happened
[19:18] <smilemonger> amoeba do
[19:18] <joepie91> even indymedia never said anything since the first announcement
[19:18] <Nexusflame> RpGamerX - you got any idea how much salt is in that?  They would have all died from a heart attack by now =P
[19:19] <EoS> ima ship myself hehe
[19:19] <smilemonger> send amoeba
[19:19] <smilemonger> don't lick the stamp
[19:19] <samz1la> DHS labels "alternative media" as domestic terrorism:
[19:19] <RpGamerX> lol I haven't had a heart attack yet
[19:19] <voxnihil418> indymedia has been generally quiet since they kept getting their servers siezed
[19:19] *** technologiclee [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[19:19] <tarn> dammit - another site that wants me to sign up - forget it
[19:19] <smilemonger> micro love
[19:19] <smilemonger> god rules
[19:19] <thr> smilemonger: good find
[19:19] <smilemonger> jesus would do!
[19:20] <smilemonger> christians reunite
[19:20] *** Raioku [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[19:20] <joepie91> tarn: trashmail
[19:20] <joepie91> :P
[19:20] <smilemonger> jews reunite too!
[19:20] * Mechasr thinks those links samza put up are worthy of spreading
[19:20] <smilemonger> pagans, i guess you're not the same as christians and jews
[19:20] <tarn> lol: trashmail full
[19:20] <RpGamerX> and its been my main source of food for well over 6 months now
[19:20] <smilemonger> muslims, reunite
[19:20] *** UKAnon [~UKAnon@188.72.znu.xlh] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:20] <EoS> riligio is private and does not belong into poitics
[19:21] *** Anti-War [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[19:21] <tarn> but right now I'm not on anonymiser, so I forgo the benefits of signing up for their marketing super wizzbang shit
[19:21] <thr> So yeah homeland security is at these protests and they have right to be there..
[19:21] <smilemonger> EoS: ask tea party
[19:21] *** panpoly [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:21] <smilemonger> EoS: ask jesus
[19:21] <Nexusflame> Mechasr - 99% of the things in that link he posted have been common knowledge for several decades
[19:21] *** PhxAZ997 [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:21] <EoS> tea baggers ar morons
[19:21] <Mechasr> not that common
[19:21] <smilemonger> tea baggers are the one that needs coopting people
[19:22] <EoS> and jeus is a myth
[19:22] <voxnihil418> by being there protesting they are all in danger of being labelled domestic terrorists, thats why real people need to keep the information flowing. So this can't be spun.
[19:22] <samz1la> DHS considers it a matter of national security to suppress news about the ows event
[19:22] <tarn> and muslims are terrorists, irish are drunkards , etc ... etc ...
[19:22] <smilemonger> irish, reunite
[19:22] <samz1la> they have been writing reports warning about social-network coordinated uprisings in the US
[19:22] *** The_Vole [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:22] <tarn> Iwould reunite, but I haven't fallen aprt yet
[19:22] <smilemonger> hey vole!
[19:22] <voxnihil418> they started that after the london riots
[19:23] <samz1la> why was yahoo censoring the occupy wall street tag? because they subscribe to a keyword blacklist provided by DHS
[19:23] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - No.. that link you posted only shows that they believe that indi media is a threat... not mainstream media.  It does NOT show in any way shape or form that they are censoring mainstream media and requesting that they black out the events
[19:23] *** caedesphone [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:23] <Nexusflame> if anything.. it would show that they would have a cause for going after the indi media websites and attempt to shut them down
[19:23] *** smilemonger [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
[19:23] <EoS> how about sending dried or canned fruit to the ups store
[19:23] <voxnihil418> this doesnt fit in their reality tunnel
[19:23] *** smilemonger [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:23] <Nexusflame> Once again.. don't spread baseless accusations unless you have proof to back it up
[19:24] <smilemonger> the mindless are leading the mindfull!!!!!
[19:24] <samz1la> Nexusflame: are you a fed? lol. you're denying the obvious.
[19:24] <samz1la> Nexusflame is some paid troll im sure
[19:24] <Master0fPuppets> InfinityCircle, suggest gift cards like the walmart money cards that are visa or mastercard and can be used anywhere... people can call walmart and order and have them delivered.
[19:24] <Clunk> Nexusflame: So what about my hunch? Advertisers on MSM threatening to pull ads?
[19:24] *** finn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[19:24] <samz1la> Nexusflame: did you read the link about social network surveillance? did you read the link where DHS was warning about OWS weeks before it happened?
[19:25] <tarn> DHS is headed by people who adhere to information is power ideology, and desire to keep information from the public, thus indy media, in attempting to inform the public, are threatening to undermine theior power
[19:25] <fishscale> nexus flame you seem to be coming to the defense of DHS an awful lot :P  haydar
[19:25] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - I'm denying anything that doesn't have concrete proof.  Unless you can show beyond a shadow of a doubt that something that is happening is actually happening, I'll reject it as nothing but hearsay.
[19:25] <Derek> DHS Chemical And Biological Response Unit Surrounding Occupy Wall Street Protesters
[19:25] <samz1la> are you not aware that DHS has a huge propaganda budget.
[19:25] <smilemonger> nexusflame: i believe in you!  you need to give me some facts though.
[19:25] <Derek> they dont start to stink that bad are they? ;[
[19:25] <smilemonger> i mean not nexus...
[19:25] <samz1la> Nexusflame: again, do you want an order signed in blood by janet napolitano?
[19:25] <smilemonger> i don't know what i mean
[19:25] <Zeromatic> Poor Kelly
[19:26] <smilemonger> obviously
[19:26] <Mechasr> samza's scribd link says nothing specific about OWS
[19:26] <samz1la> you think theyre going to admit it?
[19:26] <smilemonger> paranoia...
[19:26] <samz1la> Mechasr: read the first link where they deny it
[19:26] <Nexusflame> Which is why I follow the livestream - At least there I know what is happening, at least I can see for myself, have proof, and spread the word.
[19:26] <smilemonger> you guys are rich!
[19:26] <voxnihil418> facts please
[19:26] <smilemonger> was are in the center of time!
[19:26] *** headonfire [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:26] <samz1la> you can ignore the facts and believe the DHS propaganda lol
[19:26] <Onlooker> The time in NYC is Sun Sep 25 19:28:05 EDT 2011
[19:26] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - you're just proving yourself to be just as bad as the trolls who frequent
[19:26] <smilemonger> youz are in the center of the universe!
[19:26] <tarn> laundry detail
[19:26] <samz1la> Nexusflame:are you so naive to think DHS will broadcast their ops on livestream? lmao
[19:27] <smilemonger> trawlers might be worse...
[19:27] <Nexusflame> and trust me.. those guys are really bad..
[19:27] <Mrkva> anything new?
[19:27] <Mechasr> yeah, first link is a little more concrete - they were definately watching events leading up to OWS
[19:27] <samz1la> Nexusflame: go back to trolling you clown
[19:27] *** guest77-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:27] <thr> you people are being hostile
[19:27] <samz1la> Mechasr: get informed man
[19:27] <voxnihil418> hmmm there is an obvious avoidance by the media to cover this so that obviously means...
[19:27] *** guest77-en [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:27] *** guest77-en [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:27] <voxnihil418> ALIENS
[19:27] <smilemonger> nexus: i believe in you?
[19:27] <Clunk> Nexusflame: So what about my hunch? Advertisers on MSM threatening to pull ads?
[19:27] <samz1la> DHS is the arm of the govt responsible for social media surveillance
[19:27] <Mechasr> I can only read so fast :)
[19:27] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - All I was asking you is to show proof of your accusations.  You refuse to or can't.. so instead you resort to the same tactics I see on foxnews, and in congress as well...which is sad
[19:27] <EoS> ok im iterally forcing myself to turn of the livestream now
[19:28] <smilemonger> i believe you have left your sweatshirt in a taxi
[19:28] <fishscale> and the fox news argument holds less weight now that nbc abc cbs and cnn have shown their true colors....
[19:28] *** jsonic [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
[19:28] <voxnihil418> logic so broke it couldn't buy a penny candy with a timemachine and a bag of gold dust
[19:28] *** guest77-en [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:28] <samz1la> Nexusflame: i pointed out proof of DHS's involvement. you chose to ignore it. demanding a videotape of janet napolitano admitting it is beyond naive on your part. keep believing the nonsense DHS tells you tho lol
[19:28] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:28] <smilemonger> ok, how do we maintain the momentum after 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 whatever?
[19:28] <tarn> I read the article on ABC - it was quite good in fact, not a slur or spin
[19:28] <smilemonger> number prob just a hook...
[19:29] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - no you didn't... you showed a link that has a list of what they consider potential threats... nothing more
[19:29] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:29] *** mode/#occupywallstreet [+v Freedom_Fighter_NYC] by daddylynyrd
[19:29] <samz1la> wrong Nexusflame. you obviously cant read
[19:29] *** Freedom_Fighter_NYC [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:29] <Nexusflame> apparently you don't know what proof is
[19:29] *** JUK [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[19:29] <voxnihil418> ill just avoid the nonsense period
[19:29] <headonfire> How big do you think this protest will get?  Will it spin off like protests in other cities?
[19:29] <Gavman> headonfire occupytogether
[19:29] <EoS> cya tomorow guya
[19:29] <Gavman> its already spread to othetr cities
[19:29] <smilemonger> can we shower the channel with spiritual incantations?
[19:29] <Gavman> sorry
[19:29] <jc_> cya EoS
[19:29] *** EoS [] has quit [Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( )]
[19:29] <samz1la> Nexusflame: are you so naive that you don't think DHS is trying to quash the uprising? lol
[19:29] <Anchoo> @gav its fucking everywere
[19:30] <smilemonger> Our lives are a battery for aliens
[19:30] <smilemonger> oh, that's been done...
[19:30] <Anchoo> @sam are we talking about
[19:30] <Nexusflame> samz1|a once again that link has absolutely nothing to do with your accusations about DHS forcing a media blackout
[19:30] <samz1la> Anchoo: yep theyre on the scene now
[19:30] <voxnihil418> you are making what is known as an assuption, albeit one that has some logical underpinnings
[19:30] <smilemonger> our lives fuel alternate worlds
[19:30] <tarn> thx for the occupytogetgher link, nice to see it spreading
[19:30] <voxnihil418> still an assumption
[19:30] <headonfire> Several Sarah Paliln blogs are featuring protest updates favorably.  What if her supporters want to join in?
[19:31] <Derek> i think its fear tactics
[19:31] <smilemonger> sound weapons are real
[19:31] <samz1la> Nexusflame: again, you want a videotaped confession from napolitano? lol you are naive. ITS THEIR JOB TO MONITOR & DISRUPT DISSENT. THAT IS THEIR FUCKING AGENCY'S MISSION.
[19:31] <smilemonger> let palin in
[19:31] <smilemonger> she
[19:31] <Derek> they unleashed engineered bioweapons in NYC before, though
[19:31] <smilemonger> she's so dumb
[19:31] <voxnihil418> if you dont have faacts to present please refrain from inventing them
[19:31] <smilemonger> i like her, but wouldn't like to meet her or see her near me
[19:31] *** RubyRidgeIdaho [~RubyRidge@50.37.prl.zy] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
[19:31] <smilemonger> she's more like a greek goddess
[19:31] <smilemonger> she'll kill you for fun
[19:31] <voxnihil418> ^troll
[19:31] <samz1la> the DHS is an agency tasked with monitoring and suppressing domestic dissent. they do this through infiltration, propaganda, internet & other surveillance, etc..  if they aren't trying to suppress the protest Nexusflame then they aren't doing their stated job
[19:31] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - Sorry m8.. but I follow the same laws that the constitution puts in to place.. innocent until proven guilty.. until you can show me in some way that they are doing what you accuse them of doing.. I'll vote on their side and not yours
[19:32] <headonfire> Are the protesters handing out info sheets to passers by?
[19:32] <smilemonger> samzi!la : you are paranoid
[19:32] <fishscale> nexus the fact that you still believe its innocent until proven guilty in this country shows how naive you are
[19:32] <Nexusflame> Yes I know what their job is.. but that doesn't mean they're going about it in the way that you accuse them of.  Proof or gtfo, kthnx
[19:33] <smilemonger> palin may be the next president as far as we know...
[19:33] <samz1la> Nexusflame: a) ive shown you they have been monitoring #ows for months beforehand and consider it a threat  b) i showed you their own document concerning social network surveillance  c) i showed you their attempts to disrupt alternative media reporting   d) i explained to you its DHS's job to suppress domestic dissent (they call it "terrorism".     the agency's purpose, funding, and
[19:33] <samz1la> incentives make it obvious they are engaged in quashing any protests
[19:33] <voxnihil418> ok sam go get the copy and post it, otherwise stop
[19:33] <smilemonger> am i a troll?
[19:33] <samz1la> Nexusflame: you are just not informed enough to be able to form an opinion about reality
[19:33] <Mechasr> All I see is DHS was/is closely watching Anonymous and OWS. That doesn't mean they're responsible for the blackout
[19:33] <smilemonger> i want to read msm sometime, it sounds cool or something...
[19:33] <Nexusflame> samz1|a - yes but you have NOT SHOWN that they are providing a media blackout
[19:33] <Nexusflame> see that's the thing..
[19:33] *** finn [] has joined #occupywallstreet
[19:34] *** finn [] has quit [Client Quit]
[19:34] <tarn> from what I see, the Reps have no credible threat to Obama, and the Dems Larry, Moe and Curly Jane show definitely does not stack up
[19:34] <samz1la> lol Mechasr.. controlling the media spin is their whole purpose Mechasr. why wouldn't they be doing it if it's their job
[19:34] <voxnihil418> yes monger, obvious troll is obvious
[19:34] <Nexusflame> you show all this other garbage.. but NOTHING related to your accusations
[19:34] <smilemonger> oh jeez

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