Monday, September 19, 2011

The police ask to speak to the leader. We told them that there is no leader. They didnt understand.
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But who cares who started what. People need to go and that's that.
Julianne Pepitone
about 125 protesters at zuccotti park for
Nick Espinosa
"Class Warfare": When the poor and middle class are asked to pay for the crisis created by corrupt bankers. "
Once upon a time, I believed the people in charge wouldn't destroy their own country to enrich themselves. Oops.
Debts btwn wealthy always be renegotiated..debts owed by poor suddenly become sacred obligation
America United
: Thousands March in NYC Financial District, Set Up Protest Encampment via
"The Biggest Thing Happening Right Now That Your Local News Probably Isn't Telling You "
Bring war $ home, spend on schools, public housing, Enough Death Destruction! LIVE >>
Dicey Lee ✔
- Because Ron Paul is not the solution...
Eric Weinrib
beginning to get some serious press: too busy partnering with Tea Party:
Dow down 220, improving exponentially.
Nick Espinosa
"Class Warfare": When bankers take our bailout tax $ to pay record bonuses while foreclosing on our homes.
Tony Martin
The BBC, Britain's largest news broadcaster is ignoring . Ask yourself why?
Nicole Sandler
Only thing worse than the Corporate Right Wing Media Machine- a channel pretending to be progressive! cover
US Day of Rage ☮
Occupy Wall Street Protest, Day 3: a Smaller Core Fights on - International Business Times
Adrian Chen
stimulating Lower Manhattan economy RT Order the "Occu-Pie" for the folks at Liberty Park! $15.00
Wall Street Journal
The hundreds of protestors say they have no plans to leave the area any time soon
Democracy Now!
The Debt of the American Poor Should Be Forgiven, Says Author & Anthropologist .
US Day of Rage ☮
Wall Street Faces the Wrath of Anonymous During Weekend Protest | The New York Observer
Jessica Reed
.' founder Kalle Lasn and Micah White have written a powerful piece on -
US Day of Rage ☮
Horizontal Mesh Occupation and Tactics
September 17
anyone at liberty plaza have ducttape? We need it at the media center.
Do not miss this brilliant video about by : "Kansas sank my battleship"
so is this protest going to protest or is it a book club sleepover meant to give the GA mental masturbation?
Kae Sun
Ppl can be persuaded & unjust systems do breakdown. That's the aim of non-violent resistance. Not to vilify but to expose.
ddsnorth ™®
union busting, corporate control over government is part of the definition of fascism (along w authoritarian nationalism)
ddsnorth ™®
sad ethics & politics, when US politicians like Cheney own shares in steel & weapons manufacturing = wars for profits!
"Citizens United" needs to be repealed. It's ridiculously unconstitutional!
Kevin Gosztola
The possibility for something different than casino capitalism
JoJeanne B. Lown
Candlelight vigil. Silent march. LIVE STREAM - live on
RT : The will push for arrest tommorow due to workers return, be safe
Motormouth News
To my brothers & sisters in dnt let the NYPD scare you into disorganization.
Jason Safoutin
" : students - no classes tomorrow. You got a field trip to Liberty Plaza at 9 AM. See ya there at "
D Free
we need to all stand together in support of JOIN FORCES United we will NOT BE DEFEATED
qotd: and now the police are making us take the American flag down. the whole world is watching.
tomm is an important day. If you can make it come out.
Waging Nonviolence
Police enter and order removal of signs. is defiant.
Seeks to Share Top-Secret Info with Banking and Finance Cybersecurity Pros
attn: you are going to have A LOT of extra food soon if not already. Give it to the homeless!

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