Saturday, September 24, 2011

U.S. has sunk to 25th in a global ranking of Internet speeds, just behind Romania.
Radioactive Rice "Far Exceeding" Safe Levels Found in Japan
Max Keiser: Expect new crashes unless demands met!

Infowars Covers Operation Mountain Guardian.
Ohio Becomes First State To Sell Off A Prison, Giving It To Prison Director’s Former Private Employer
Canadian Government under Israeli Control
"Gun Crime Gun Crime Drops At Virginia Bars and Restaurants After Liberalized Carry Rules:

Does Your Congressperson Represent You -- Or Israel?:
West Point Terror Center Confirms Al Qaeda in :
UK prison population hit record high after Cameron's “iron fist” approach toward those involved in the unrest :
Police probe school principal over deaths of THREE students after he hypnotised them:

The Economic Hitmen - How It Is Done!:
Economic Hitmen - Understanding NWO Mafia Corporatism Warfare - IMF Whistleblower John Perkins:

Motivating enemies: Interventionists and the UN veto - Motivating enemies: Interventionists and the UN veto By mike ...

Family of Slain Journalist Requests Asylum in Australia Because ‘Americans Shoot Us’

Scr*w UN! There IS a Palestine (from the river to sea) - [Sure it might not be free but it EXISTS and this UN vote h...

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