Thursday, August 21, 2014

Conspiracy? .... Every night about the same time all of the Ferguson livestreams have stopped.

submitted  by tulip55
Of course I think it's some kind of conspiracy but could there be another plausible reason?
Tonight the live feeds went down about 12:30 AM (2:30A in Ferguson), the last two nights about the same time. It always seems to happen after the police spokesman holds his end of day press conference. Then all the feeds are gone.
And the last feed I was watching had craploads of cops in the street, swat vehicles, police lines, plenty of unhappy people milling around and then - poof, it was gone ( And all the rest of the live feeds too. Just off.
I don't know how to screenshot, but this post went up on Twitter #Ferguson just about the same time I was wondering the same thing.
Irene Thompson ‏@maccalled 56m
For about an hour, can't find a livestream of #Ferguson, and tweets are not current ones from the street. What's going on?
Anybody know anything?

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