Friday, August 22, 2014

Writer who investigated local Michigan police has warrant out for arrest

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A writer, who has been a strong voice behind corruption allegations within the Battle Creek Police Department, now has a warrant out for her arrest.

Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker confirmed to Newshcannel 3 that on Tuesday, the Calhoun County court approved a warrant to arrest Autumn Smith for false reporting of a crime to a 9-1-1 operator.

He says Smith called 9-1-1 in June to accuse then-Interim Chief Blocker of assaulting her before a City Commission meeting.

Smith is a contributor for the website

Newschannel 3 first reached out to Smith Wednesday morning to ask about the warrant for her arrest.

She said we would need to talk to her lawyer, but the call was disconnected before we could get a name or phone number.

But we can hear what those allegations are--in her own words--from the 9-1-1 recording.

"He grabbed my arm, and pulled me, and blocked the doorway, not allowing me to leave," Smith told a dispatcher. "I was trying to leave during conversation and he kind of bullied me and cornered me."

"I would like the State Police to respond because I've been investigating the police department for corruption which led up to the issue I just had, the assault," she added.

Smith may be referring to her reports over nearly two years, outlining why  more should be done to investigate corruption allegations within the Battle Creek Police Department.

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