Thursday, August 28, 2014

VIDEO: Member of Online Gaming Group Arrested by SWAT - on Live Stream

A live streaming of a video game by an popular online group was interrupted in spectacular fashion when 'kootra', member of the Creatures gaming channel, is arrested by SWAT in his office room. The gamers group in the video are part of The Creatures, a group based in Littleton Colorado, that publishes videos to YouTube and Twitch, and since the broadcast was in progress during the raid, their entire arrest ended up on the livestream. The report proved to be false, but the investigation caused nearby schools to enact security procedures and businesses to be evacuated. Jordan has never shown criminal activity or acting as a threat whatsoever so we can only assume at this time that is was a "swatting" prank. Swatting: A goal achieved by hacking where the hacker tricks 911 systems into deploying SWAT to an unsuspecting victim's home under false pretences. The stream where this happened: Their YouTube channel: Their Twitter:

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