Saturday, August 23, 2014

Want To Help Bring Mr. Christopher Bollyn To The USA?

blackbird9 I received this from 9-11 TRUTH Advocate, Mr. Christopher Bollyn, this morning:
Bollyn's Trip to America?
Do right and risk the consequences.
- Sam Houston (1793-1863)
Dear Frederick,
Let’s be honest. There is nothing normal about life in America today. It is just wishful thinking to imagine that we can truly enjoy any sense of normalcy in America while the government and media continue to lie about what happened on 9-11.
The 9-11 conundrum is fundamentally an American problem and it is going to take a lot of effort and perseverance on the part of Americans to resolve our painful political predicament. No one is going to do it for us, but it has to be done and we are going to have to do it.
It seems to me that public awareness of the 9-11 fraud has now reached a critical level. This is why, after seven long years, I am going back to America this September. I have written and published the Solving 9-11 set of books and done what I could to spread the truth about the deception that changed our world.
I will be traveling to the West Coast in early September and staying with friends and supporters. I will be participating in 9-11 events and meeting with truth groups, but the main purpose of my trip is to increase public awareness that 9-11 is the real Achilles heel of the criminal regime that controls our political system.
This is why we need to be steadfast and tenacious as we demand truthful answers from the government about the 9-11 criminal atrocity that changed our nation. Solving the crimes of 9-11 will resolve many of the serious problems that burden our republic today.
If you would like to help me with my trip to America, please donate through at:
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Thank you.
Christopher Bollyn

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