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Utopia TV Series Season 2 (2014)

 Utopia TV  Series Season 2 (2014)

Utopia S02E01

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Utopia (UK TV series) Season 1 - a conspiracy thriller

A second six part series of Utopia has been commissioned by Channel 4, going into production later 2013.[13] Kudos Film and Television announced that series 2 would air July 2014, which it did.[14] No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK Viewers (in millions) 7 1 "Episode 1" Marc Munden Dennis Kelly 14 July 2014 0.90 Back in the 1970s, Philip Carvel starts to work on Janus with a young Milner. While testing it on his reticent son Pietre, he conducts a macabre experiment on a pet rabbit in an attempt to get a response from his child. He believes he has failed until his pregnant wife buys Pietre a rabbit which, only a short time after having it, their son kills. His wife kicks him out. A few months later she dies in childbirth, and Carvel raises his daughter Jessica up himself. Five years later, without telling Milner, Carvel adjusts the virus formula. Milner and the assistant are desperate for Carvel to give them the formula, and in the process kill several politicians who Carvel has been turning to for help. Milner tortures Carvel to find out what has changed. He escapes and injects the virus into Jessica in secret. 8 2 "Episode 2" Marc Munden Dennis Kelly 15 July 2014 Less Than 0.80 Jessica is held prisoner and tortured by Milner, to try to find out the adjustment to the virus. Grant is believed dead and being looked after by Ian, who meanwhile is searching for Becky. Arby tries to live a normal life with his girlfriend and her young daughter, until Lee is revealed to be alive, and gets Arby back into the business. Wilson is starting to work for Milner. Working with Donaldson, he and Becky come across mysterious Anton who speaks in Romanian and whom the Network seem to be after. Ian tracks Becky down, and with Grant, finds her with Donaldson and Anton in a warehouse who are being hunted down by assassins. Arby rescues them, and tells them they have to run. 9 3 "Episode 3" Marc Munden TBA 22 July 2014 Less Than 0.66 The gang are on the run and find a precocious young hacker who reveals some more history about Janus. Jessica escapes custody and finds Dugdale who she wants to talk to. Ian and Becky realise Anton is actually Phillip Carvel. They promise not to tell anyone else, but Ian calls Milner, who is shocked at Carvel's survival, who was believed to be dead. Carvel sees an advert of a cat riding on a vacuum on a TV that Grant is watching, and shouts in English to him that Janus is real, and they are all going to die. When Lee arrives at Ben's home later that night, ready to kill Ben and his family, he discovers that Arby has already killed them. There, Arby makes a deal with Lee, wanting his girlfriend and her daughter safe, in exchange for Ian, Becky and Grant. 10 4 "Episode 4" Sam Donovan[15] TBA 29 July 2014 TBD In America, a sleeper agent gets his orders and delivers a canister, hidden in the car light of his car to a country-side small airport. He then goes back home and kills his family and himself. Ian goes to look for Dugdale, only to find an excited Jessica at his house and they sleep together. Before he leaves, she hides a phone in his coat. Milner reveals to Wilson a man, Paul, working at a shopping mall restaurant as an agent, who will when ordered to, fly a plane with a canister inside exposing the flu to the United Kingdom. Milner asks Paul if he is scared that he will die, and he will cause the death of thousands of people, to which he replies no. Milner reveals that there are other people in the world who will be doing the same thing, and cause a world-wide pandemic, and people will rush for the vaccine and only 9 in 10 people will be unknowingly infected with Janus, and become infertile. Becky tells Grant that Anton is Carvel, and they hire an interpreter to tell them what Carvel is saying when he speaks Romanian. It is revealed that Carvel is Romani, and when he was five, he escaped a gas chamber in from a concentration and hid in dead bodies for two days, only to later meet 'Mr Rabbit' who was a wonderful woman. Ian, Becky and Grant are shocked as they believed Mr Rabbit was dead, and not a woman. They also find out about the sleeper agents, and how the flu is ready to be spread across the world. Milner holds Ian's brother Roy captive, and asks him if Ian told him that 'Milner is Mr Rabbit', Roy says no, and Milner tells Wilson to shoot him. Dugdale's wife, Jen and young Alice are revealed to be in captive. Jessica tells Dugdale that Milner is Mr Rabbit, and later Milner appears at Dugdale's house, ready to kill him, but Jessica stops her and almost shoots her before Milner reveals that her father is alive, and she will take Jessica to him. Carvel then speaks English, in shock to them all and tells them that the change in Janus is a race, but before he tells them Arby appears and shoots the interpreter and is about to kill Ian and Becky before Grant stops him. Arby then takes Grant and Carvel away. 11 5 "Episode 5" Sam Donovan[16] TBA 5 August 2014 TBD A man, Terrance, working at a fast food restaurant is abused by a customer, who asks if this is what he wants to do in life. Terrance goes home, and is revealed to be a sleeper agent. He packs several different passports and money into a bag, ready for when he gets a call to spread Russian flu. Arby takes Grant and Carvel to the countryside. After disposing of the interpreter’s body, Ian and Becky find out that Ian’s brother has been killed and framed for the murder. Jessica takes Milner from Dugdale’s to track down the phone she placed in Ian’s coat pocket, only for it actually to lead them to Arby, Grant and Carvel. Ian and Becky go to Dugdale’s for answers, but Wilson turns up and asks them where Milner is. Dugdale tells them about the phone Jessica planted in Ian’s coat, and remembering Grant is wearing it, him and Wilson go to track them down. Becky helps Dugdale rescue Jen and Alice. After Jessica finds Arby, Grant and Carvel, and struggles to get Carvel to reveal what has changed, Milner speaks to him and he reveals what he has done. The Janus ‘vaccine’ does not work except forRomani people, his people (whom he chose after almost selecting an East Asian people whom he realised via statistics are the most peaceful people in the world), and should continue the Human race, leaving everyone else to die from Russian flu. Milner tells Carvel what he needs to do, to which he shoots Arby. Jessica then takes the injured Arby to safety. Grant and Wilson arrive, and ask Milner if she agrees with the change, she says she does not but understands it. She then calls up the man from the beginning of the episode and gives him his order. Wilson tells her to reverse it, but she does not. He threatens to kill Carvel, but Grant appears and shoots and kills Milner. Any hope of the order to be reversed are gone. Terrance, from the fast food restaurant is abused by the same customer. He gives him his uniform hat, before proceeding to the locker room where he changes and he takes out his pre-packed bag. 12 6 "Episode 6" Sam Donovan[17] TBA 12 August 2014 TBD With help from Leah, the gang try to find out who Terrance is, and where he will be. After two other sleeper agents around the United Kingdom are found dead, including Paul from the shopping mall restaurant. Leah realises that Terrance is killing people off, and is going to release the flu now. Arby is unconscious at the hospital, and according to Jessica he is fighting hard to stay alive. Grant is now living with Dugdale, and after causing a few problems around the house, Jen sorts Grant out, who later happily helps around the house. Dugdale has also been promised a new life with his family, but before they catch their flight Wilson tells Dugdale to go back home with his family where he will be surveilled, or he will kill them all. Geoff is poisoned and killed, and the Network makes it look like a suicide. After tracking Terrance down, Ian and Jessica find him in a car park, and just before he opens the canister with the flu, Ian shoots him dead. Becky is running out of tablets, and realises she only has a few days left and wants to spend them with Ian. Jessica tells Becky that she shouldn't let Ian go through that, as seeing someone die slowly will stay with someone forever. Wilson kills Lee. Carvel reveals to Ian that the tablets Becky is taking aren't what they seem, and actually only addictive and she is perfectly fine. As Ian heads to tell her he discovers she is lying unconscious on the floor, from attempted suicide. He resuscitates her, only for armed men to come into the hospital and take them away. Arby wakes up. Wilson walks into a room where Leah waits. She walks away and he opens his shirt and carves the Chinese symbol for Rabbit on his abdomen, before entering a cold storage, where it reveals more canisters. 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